What causes hair to stink?

My 8 year old daughter’s hair stinks. Idk how to get rid of the smell. She does shower regularly. Any tips to get rid of the smell?


If her hair smells I would have her tested to see if her thyroid is functioning properly!
My hair use to smell so bad no matter how much I washed it, when I was 13 they discovered I had hypothyroidism.
Got on the right medicine and it went away after they got my levels fixed!


If she throws her hair up while its wet could be causing it.

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Rinse with vinegar. Make sure all her hats and helmets are clean. Put baking soda in your washing for laundry. Try putting a thick mayonnaise on her scalp at night, then cover her hair with a shower cap or swim/bathing cap. Wash haie in shower with regular shampoo in the morning. Wash her bedding. including pillow, or get a new pillow.

Don’t feel bad I have a 11 year old and I wash her hair sometimes

I think around this age they just smell funny. Lol. I always think my daughters breath stinks. Idc if she just brushed and flossed it still stinks. A few friends have told me it’s this age. I would hell help her wash just to make sure it is really clean, maybe get a little better shampoo, I mean I wouldn’t be buying$10 shampoo for my 10 yo but like we all use tresseme here but I used to buy her her own like vo5 but now she just uses what we use. If it still smells try the vinegar thing. But I swear with mine too, I will smell the shampoo but I can still smell her smell too lol. They are just little dirt balls at this age, idk. Lmao

My grandsons hair did this to come and find out he had sugar. You may need to take her and have her checked. They had me to try bleach baths said it could help some until we find out what’s going on. It did help some they didn’t know at first what was making him do this said it had something to do with his body. Try bleach baths but 1 cup in bath water if that don’t work take to Dr. And have her sugar checked.

maybe she’s using too much conditioner or maybe she is putting hair up while wet. Are you positive child is washing their hair?. idk maybe just the smell the soap leaves.

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