What causes dead skin on hands?

My hands always peel once a month and its hoenstly getting on my nerves…doctors say “nothing is wrong” but every month before my period starts I am having dead skin all over my hands…I have sensory issues so it makes me cringe…idk what to do


Working hands should help with the peeling and dryness. The same happens to my feet and I apply the work feet (same brand). Usually if your hand are in water alot or chemicals it can cause peeling. Hope this helps

Estrogen plays a big part in how our skin holds moisture and when we are on our periods our estrogen and progesterone are at their lowest and that can cause dry flaky skin. It’s not super common but it happens. That would be my best guess

Do you excessively sweat? Have your hands in water? When I worked on my feet 60-80 hours a week, my feet would COMPLETELY peel once a month