What causes breathing issues while pregnant?

I am 7.5 weeks pregnant with my first child and I don’t have very much morning sickness. I still have it but not nearly like I did at 5 weeks. I’m having trouble breathing sometime and have a lot more regular nausea then vomiting. I’m just wondering if its normal? Some peace of mind until I get in to see my doctor…


I had something similar… turns out it was anxiety

Morning sickness isnt just vomiting, and it certainly isnt just in the mornings! I’d say thats likely still morning sickness, and it normally doesnt end until around 12 weeks or so. As long as you’re holding food and water down, and using the bathroom regularly, i wouldn’t worry.

2 pregnancies, morning sickness with both only threw up once,

I never had morning sickness with my daughter (she’s 15 months) and I’m currently pregnant with twins and I didn’t have it with them either yet. I’m 8w1d.

I never got sick with mine just nauseated. Morning sickness can come and go also. As long as your not spotting blood you should be fine. The breathing part is probably your anxiety from worrying to much. If your that concerned go to the emergency room at least then you will have peace of mind. Good luck .

I’m 7.5 weeks too with #3 and haven’t had any issues except smells until today… Started gettin migranes like i did with #2… They make me sick and eventually throw up.
I didnt have anything with #1

Morning sickness. A little anxiety and at times ecause the heart is pumping harder to circulate all the extra blood it can be difficult breath. All those emotions and changes this sounds normal. Like me with my son.

Yes it is quite normal will stop around five moths good luck

With my son, I only had morning sickness like twice. With my daughter, I threw up every day from 4mos -7mos it was horrible!!! The nausea was with me all day. :disappointed: if it’s bad enough your doctor can prescribe you something to help…