What causes breast pain while pregnant?

I’m 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow. And I’m having terrible breast pains. They ache and when they stop aching they are so sore it hurts to lay sideways in the bed or to even put a bra on!

I used to get that with my daughter a heating pad across your chest works wonders

Your only 22 weeks though ive had 5 kids my milk never came that early try the heat suggestions that you have been given or talk to your dr we’re not experts

Girl! Same!! Mine have been SO sore since I was about 15 weeks. It’s my first baby & they leak like crazy! My OB suggested wearing only padded bras with nursing pads in them. During the day it helps them not ache as bad. I have to wear a bra at night too because of the leakage, but if you aren’t leaking… try wearing a baggy t shirt with no bra to go to sleep. It’ll let them do what they want & it shouldn’t hurt as bad.