What can I use to keep my husbands lunch cool/warm?

Hey moms with SO who take their lunch to work in the morning, what do yall use to keep their food cold/warm or maybe a cool device to warm up food in his truck since they don’t have access to microwaves or fridges. Just trying to figure out how he can enjoy left over or something


I used a thermos for my daughters lunches. Just make sure the food is really hot when you put it in the thermos.

Reusable gel ice packs for keeping stuff cool in an insulated lunch bag/box/tote. Thermoses can keep food and drinks cold as well as hot. I hear Yeti brand is the gold standard, but can be more expensive.

Also check out camping stores for ideas. They make little propane stoves for use off the grid. Will work with a pan, pot, coffee pot and don’t take up much room.

Buddew Electric Lunch Box 80W Food Heater 3 in 1 12/24/110-230V Portable Lunch Warmer Upgraded Leakproof Heated Lunch Box for Car/Truck/Office with SS fork & Spoon and Insulated Carry Bag(Green) https://a.co/d/gwm0XWn


For my kids lunch they take whatever leftovers and put them in a thermos - we microwave the food a little longer than normal and while it’s cooking we put super hot water in thermos with the lid and let it get hot.
Sometimes it’s warmer and sometimes is warm-ish, they usually don’t care.

I pour some water out of a bottle of water ,lay it down in the freezer, leave it over night, then put it in the lunch box ,it keeps the food cold until lunch time and you have a cold bottle of water.