What can I take on a plane?

Anyone know if airlines will allow me to take a carryon bag, personal item and a crossbody purse on the plane? I’ll just keep my purse on me but will they allow it or will I have to cram it in my suitcase


It completely depends on your airline


Depends partly on the airline.

i have always taken a backpack and purse. Look up the regs for your airline

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We just flew in July and I took a carry on, backpack that fit under the seat and my crossbody with no issues

I wear a small crossbody under my shirt.

The personal item is a purse or something that can fit under your seat, you can’t have two

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I put my crossbody bag in my 1 personal item (a large tote bag) then take my carry on


Just don’t fly spirit abs you’ll be fine.

When in doubt call or go online

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Keep your passport and iD on you at all time.

I usually carry a giant “purse” with snacks & everything including a smaller purse/crossbody inside, reading material, makeup bag if it’ll be a very long flight so I can wash up & put my face on before I see people I know. Also some face/body wipes & a mini deodorant, maybe a tiny perfume /cologne if it’ll be a long time before I reach my destination. I’ll either put jewelry other than what I’m wearing in my giant purse if it’s valuable, or in my carry-on if it’s cheaper stuff. This way I don’t need to struggle with my carry-on wedged into the overhead somewhere to get stuff out, but have everything right with me in my giant purse.

I also take a carry on with everything I need for a couple days in case they lose my luggage: small toiletries, extra bra, couple pairs underwear & socks, tights, pants, leggings, maybe a skirt, couple of tops & a sweater, extra pair of shoes. Wear your heaviest shoes, heaviest coat/jacket, gloves, scarf & hat depending on the weather for your destination. Shove them in the overhead if it’s too hot or use as a blanket & pillow. I can sleep in a shirt & leggings or a tunic top.

take a laptop case with your “purse stuff” inside it, laptop, I pad, whatever–I took a laptop stuffed with underwear and socks.

I thought your personal item was your purse? I take carryon luggage and a back pack as my personal do a purse in addition woukdnt be allowed I thought??

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Phone the airlines. Depending where you flying to. No sharp things etc