What can I take for migraines during pregnancy?

I’m 15 weeks pregnant and suffer from migraines. I don’t see a neurologist until June. I need relief. If I go to the er, can they give me anything for my migraine? Tylenol does not help.


Ask your obgyn , they can perscribe something or recommend a safe regimen til neuro dr appt.
Make sure you aren’t dehydrated , drink pedialyte or Gatorade

I suffered from massive migraines that would affect my vision and make me feel drunk. My ob sent me to the hospital once and they gave me what they called a migraine cocktail without the benedryl, bc im allergic. It helped briefly but unfortunately I never got any relief from the migraines. I am going on 33 weeks and still suffer from them with no explanation as to why. From my understanding, they can mean something bigger is wrong so I would definitely get in touch with your Dr and the hospital should be able to help in the mean time. Good luck. They seriously alter my life and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Now they did offer me pain meds but it’s not a long term solution due to the fact babies can be born addicted so I opted not to take them. I hope you find relief bc ive not enjoyed this pregnancy thanks to the migraines

Only thing allowed is tylenol

My OB prescribed magnesium oxide. Talk to your OB

When I was about 14 weeks with my daughter I had massive migraines that I went to the er with. They gave me morphine in iv which isn’t the best but did help a little

ask your dr so you get the correct answer

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Try almonds…I heard eating a few of those helps with migraines…

Talk to your OB, mine prescribed me fioricet. I’ve only had to take it once but it’s good to have on hand, I’m 26 weeks pregnant but I got it when I was 10-12 weeks pregnant.

Try an ice pack on the back of your neck. Also, get a peppermint oil stick and rub it on ur temples, tip of your nose and across your forehead

Ask your doctor about magnesium.

My OB told me to use magnesium oxide and vitamin b2 with riboflavin. I didn’t like the b2 pills I bought but even without them my migraines are nearly non existent unless I skip a day!

I always took a Tylenol rapid release and drink a Dr Pepper and laid down for about 30 minutes and it helped me Bc I had migraines when I was pregnant

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Definitely see your doctor! I’m a life long migraine sufferer and was able to take some of my medication throughout both my pregnancies

Call OB eat hand full almonds and lye down in dark room

They gave me nasal stadol and I stayed on my topamax per my choice you are past 9 weeks so they may be let you.
Call the nuero and get on the wait list or try telehealth

Always consult your doctor but tylenol is usually safe for pregnancy

I had very awful positional vertigo in my head and suffered with awful migraines for thr first 13 weeks of my pregnancy i had to be supervised and nothing worked… very limited just have to lie down know a dark room of possible… currently 31 weeks pregnant and migraines completely gone

Extra strength Tylenol & a can of coke is what my OB recommended & it’s worked everytime


You need to speak with your OB. Im 25 weeks with baby #2 and I’ve had chronic migraines since I was 10 years old. My doctor, and I am NOT telling you to do this, just passing along what my doctor, and my high risk doctor told me. Occasionally, major emphasis on Occasionally, some pregnant women are prescribed a low dose of ibuprofen while pregnant. I had asked about my excedrin, they told me every once in a while is okay for me. Again, I am NOT saying to do this. Call your doctor first and foremost. But excedrin may help. It helps mine, mostly.
Ice packs have also become my best friend again. I hope you get some relief soon!!

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I was on imatrex for my migraines with my son

I went to the neurologist as well during my pregnancy. He prescribed me Tylenol 3 even though I didn’t take them and told him I wouldn’t. My EEG came back as just tired.
I was having spells of complete vision loss, extreme migraines and moving when I wasn’t. Blood work was perfect and once I was done being prego it went away :woman_shrugging:t2:
But a cold freezer rag at base of neck and top of head. Only thing that made it tolerable for me.

Have you tried Essential oils? Peppermint, Head Ease, Frankincense Apply on your neck temples or wherever you feel your headache. Smelling the oils helps too.

Try asking your OB. That usually is the best route to go.

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Tylenol, Dr Pepper or MT dew

Pierce your tragus that has helped me so much… also sleep it off in a cold, dark room

I take imitrex when not pregnant but my OB prescribes Fioricet to use while pregnant. It was a lifesaver

Yes I agree call the OB however try putting your feet in warm water while putting an ice pack on the back of your neck. I wasn’t big on taking meds and that’s the only thing that helped me.

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I was told to drink something with caffeine in it and it helped me.

They told me I could take Excedrin Migraine for migraines or Magnesium. I was having migraines 1-3 times a week.

The only time I didn’t have migraines was when I was pregnant.

Do you know what your trigger is? Best thing for mine is a bar of chocolate, a big glass of tea and an hour of darkness. Occasionally, I have resorted to the paper bag blowing trick just don’t get dizzy doing it.

Coming from a high risk pregnancy, my Dr told me to take a daily regimen of Riboflavin(B2), magnesium oxide and caffeine(preferably without sugar)

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Gatorade /electrolytes
With Tylenol
Can u take excedrine?

500mg magnesium and B2 is what my OB told me to take since I was prone to migraines. I took the magnesium daily and the B2 when I felt one coming on

Ohhhh i actually going through this until recently. My OBGYN told me they could prescribe something that’s is basically caffeine- Tylenol - barbiturate butttttt said if i took some caffeine with my Tylenol it would work too.

Try neck stretches. Helped me out alot.

My ob has told me to only take Tylenol

Go see the chiro! Make sure they’re certified to adjust pregnant women.

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This is the remedy my OB gave me 3 pregnancies ago and I’ve been using is since! It’s the only thing Ive found that’s helped my migraines during pregnancy and after!

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i was told nothing with all 3 of mine starting from my oldest who is 25yrs old and young ones are 8 and 10 yrs old and i suffer from migrains myself

Buy a couple of these and trade off… maybe even 3. They don’t last long, but they are wonderful straight from the fridge (I find straight from the freezer gives me an ice headache, but they do last longer that way).
See your doctor too, of course. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082WN9NJL/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_3T4FS4WR1R9FAX1JHEX6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

NOT A THING!!! I changed my diet and it helped a little but never went away until second trimester… pm me if you need food ideas

Naratiptan helped me so much with migraines during pregnancy. Ask your doctor about it. I got it prescribed

I took asprin during my pregnancy for migraines

Paracetamol, plenty of water and a cold cloth.

I was prescribed Fiorcet during my pregnancy and I still take it because of me breastfeeding


I work at a headache clinic. We tell our pregnant women to use a “cocktail” of tylenol, benadryl and a small can of coke or something with caffeine. Please don’t take fiorcet. It can actually make your headaches worse from taking it too much with rebound headaches


I am high risk and my OB told me I could take
Vitamin B2, Magnesium and CoQ10 every night to prevent them.

I couldn’t take anything except Tylenol as far as over the counter medications went due to having more than 12 medication allergies. I ended up in the ER after 3 days for one episode I had that wouldn’t go away. I was in poor shape. I had a horrible aura, I lost 7lbs from vomiting and not being able to eat and was severely dehydrated. They gave me 1 dose of morphine and fluids at the hospital and prescribed me Fioricet which is Tylenol, caffeine and a barbiturate. They only prescribed me 10 because it’s considered (at least where I’m from) one of those controlled prescription medications. But my doctor was able to get me an earlier appointment due to the ER visit and their policy is they have to see you x amount of days after an ER or urgent care visit.

Fiorcet or i got a " medicine cocktail" as they call it. Reglan, magnesium, and benadryl.

I got lidocaine head injections when I was pregnant

Chiropractor, cold packs on the back of your neck and forehead work too

Lavender in between your brows (third eye) I know it sounds hippie but it worked for me :woman_shrugging:t2:

Get a prescription for oxygen!

Ob can prescribe fiorcet thats what I had with my last baby

motrin 800 mg i got it for my teeth but works phenomenal for my migranes

Tylenol with caffeine in it worked wonders for me . Got it from the doctor

My doctor gave me permission to take excedrin when mine get bad

You can’t take motrin while pregnant

I would try ice pack on neck and forehead and lay sitting up a little in the dark!

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The E.R. will give you Fioricet. My OB prescribed me Esgic for my migraines

My ob prescribed me fioricet. I used it during my last two pregnancies and it always helped.

Make sure you are hydrated good. I would try a cold Coca-Cola and an cold or ice pack on your neck

I’ve took cocodamol when needed through both pregnancys. They help.

I just dealt with this all through 2nd trimester… you need to stay super hydrated, heat pack on my neck and also check your iron levels !

I had a migrain for days straight and it only got worse and worse my vision was multiplied I got super dissy and painful looking up or looking around I went to the er they didn’t help at all, my dad told me to drink Gatorade for the electrolytes and it went away almost instantly

Headaches are horrible! i say get a massage and drink lots of water

My OB/GYN said taking Excedrin Migraine was perfectly fine during my pregnancies

Try a cup of coffee with a Tylenol the caffeine in the coffee might help or when your taking a shower let warm water hit your head for awhile only thing that worked for me

Yes go to ER and they can help you. I got a bad migraine from taking zofran

I had to be prescribed Imitrex during my pregnancies. My migraines were horrible. Also, Gatorades helped a little bit.

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I used to get super bad migraines…I went and got my faith pierced and now. Get one (it’s mild at that) once in awhile…I was getting them a few times a month

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Go to urgent care and ask for a shot of torredol. I have migraines so bad I get Botox for them

They MAY give you a toradol shot but as someone who has chronic severe migraines, I wasn’t allowed to take my migraine meds bc they weren’t safe. They told me all I could basically take was tylenol or magnesium.


Obviously talk to your OB first but I was diagnosed with chronic migraines prior to my pregnancy and Tylenol never worked for me either and I was on a lot of ibuprofen. My OB cleared me to take ibuprofen until I was 30 weeks so you might see if they would let you try that

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Benadryl! I had a 3 day migraine while pregnant and finally went to the ER. They gave me benadryl and iv fluids, I slept the rest of the day, and I felt absolutely amazing the next day. To this day if I have time to take a nap I’ll take it over my imitrex.

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I went to my clinic and they gave me 2 shots that helped the migraine and nausea

I’ve had them with my pregnancy too. I’m 21 weeks along and have had them the last month.

Your doctor can prescribe medicine for it. Usually it’s a combo of Tylenol (the highest strength which is two 650 MG tablets every 4/6 hours) and some caffeine. (The caffeine you can get in a drink, for soda, a real sugar soda works best. Like the ones in glass bottles. You can also take zip fizz or have a cup of coffee depending how you wanna get the caffeine.) Benadryl can also help and can be taken with the caffeine and Tylenol. Make sure to stay hydrated. Water and electrolytes. Small meals also help even if you’re not feeling like eating. Having an empty stomach can make it worse. I also take a 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 and 400 MG of magnesium with my prenatal every morning. (You can get them at Costco.)

I would definitely suggest talking to your doctor about it because sometimes a migraine is a sign of something else being wrong. Like your blood pressure. They can also prescribe other options if the regular stuff isn’t touching it.


Also try something cold (like an ice pack wrapped in a towel)on the back of your neck and the base of your head lay down in a dark room. Magnesium also helps I’ve heard but never tried so look into dosage for you.

I have had migraines this pregnancy too. The ONLY thing thay has worked oddly enough is apple juice or apple cider warmed mixed with honey and cinnamon. :woman_shrugging:

I had severe migraines while pregnant and er would give pain meds. Wasn’t comfortable taking them so I got acupuncture and haven’t had a migraine in almost 15 yrs. (had them before pregnancy too)


Talk to your ob. If your ER is anything like mine they don’t wanna do much if you’re pregnant. They gave me a shot of benadryl & Reglan (I think) & told me to stay hydrated & follow up with my ob.:woman_shrugging:

Try ice pack on the back of your neck, stay hydrated & they suggested a small amount of caffeine. Call your OB though & they can help the most. Good luck!:heartpulse:

My OBGYN told me to take Tylenol pm or Tylenol and benadryl with a cup of coffee when I had really bad migraines


I wouldn’t take any kind of pain meds while pregnant and get migraines. Just drink caffeine and sleep it off. Poor baby doesn’t need any meds… I do the same while not pg, just sleep it off. I hate any meds.

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Girl smoke some weed best remedy in the world…ur going to be putting chemical in ur body anyway might as well be the natural ones.


Vitamin B2 and Magnesium helps with migraines. I would avoid caffeine as it can cause a rebound headache. You can also buy the Cefaly migraine treatment and prevention device from Amazon. Cefaly is a non-invasive migraine treatment. It is drug-free so that it can be used during pregnancy with no concerns.

My OB gave me Fioricet for my headaches when I was pregnant. And gave me Zofran for the nausea. Have to have prescriptions for both.

They will only tell you Tylenol extra strength when pregnant but if you see a Neurologist they will give you migraine meds depending if anything shows up on your MRI.

This is my third pregnancy (currently 29w1d) and I’ve dealth with migraines with all 3 pregnancies the entire time. And my ob and my high risk doctors this pregnancy told me to start taking magnesium everyday with my prenatal. And then Tylenol as needed. They have also proscribed Reglan for when Tylenol doesn’t help. But since I’ve been taking the magnesium it has worked wonders I’ve hardly needed to touch my prescription meds for the migraines. I would definitely give it a shot! Talk with your OB as well! They might be able to help. I’ve been in the ER with all 3 of my babes for migraines. It’s been rough but the magnesium has definitely helped! Also one other thing that helps me when its really bad is Gatorade and body armor drinks. More so the body armor than the Gatorade though.

I was told Tylenol. Had server headaches with my first and just slept through them. Hope you are okay

I have had migraines as long as I could remember. My first pregnancy they got better, my second they got worse. I was in the ER at least every couple of weeks and they gave me the migraine cocktail… Toradol, Reglan, and Benadryl. Sometimes they gave me pain meds.

Try peppermint oil right behind your ear lobes it will ease it but not take it fully away, but it’s much better❤️

Going to sound funny, but rub a little vicks vapor rub on your forehead and temples. Could also try a cold press on the back of your neck while having your hands and feet submerged in as hot as you can stand water.

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Magnesium Oxide (prescribed to me for both pregnancies but is available OTC). Also, soak your feet in hot water, as hot as you can stand, and put an ice pack on the back of your neck.

Peppermint oil on your temples can help too.

Butalbital its the only pregnancy safe migraine medication my neurologist prescribed it but made it clear to only take it as needed because it can be addicting for the fetus

I had severe migraines while pregnant and started seeing a chiropractor at 18 weeks. Helped me so so much.

Sit in a hot bath for about an hour, then lay somewhere dim, cool and quiet with a cold towel over your eyes and forehead and an ice pack under neck and just rest. Be sure to hydrate.

I took exedrine migraine when I was pregnant when my migraines were bad

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My daughter’s dr told her tylenol and drink a coke with. She said it worked for her