What can I put on my kids chapped lips?

What do you put on a 4 year olds lips when they are so horribly chapped!!! They look like they are ready to blister! She won’t stop licking them!

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Aquaphor ! Works on so many things !

Vaseline! Literally I get really bad chapped lips and it works wonders !

Vaseline per my dermatologist after I had tried everything else I could find!

Put Vaseline on her lips while she’s asleep

Dr Dan’s cortibalm is the real mvp

Maybe let her use her own chapstick whenever she wants & encourage that instead of licking May be able to change the habit. It’s hard for adults too

Prolly dehydrated, drink more water

Blistex medicated. This stuff is amazing and it works!!! It comes in a tube and you can squeeze out the amount you need on your finger and put it on the areas that are chapped around her lips. My daughter does the same thing every winter, and I put it on and within a day, it’s almost healed. It works that fast!!

Aquaphor esp before sleep time, heals everything. Drink lots of water too