What can I give a constipated 6 month old?

How do I help my lil man he’s 6 months and he’s been having a rough time going to the bathroom is there anything I can use now that he’s 6 months to help him?

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Coloxyl drops from the pharmacy are great or a tiny bit of brown sugar mixed into their bottle of formula works wonders (if they are on a bottle)

Pear or prune juice with a little water in it. Doesn’t take a lot usually especially prune juice, a couple of ounces should do it.

Gripe water constipation ease.

Push his legs gently up to his tummy bending his knees. Warm face cloth on his tummy Dry

My son drank pear juice 1/2 water 1/2 4oz. I also had to give him Vaseline suppository, Non medicated.

Give him a small amount of Karo syrup in his formula. When mothers use to make formula out of carnation evaporated milk, and water they added Karo Syrup to format this was suppose to help a baby not be constipated. Call your pediatrician and inquire about ot.

I saw a tiktok a couple months ago where a mother took her one month old to a chiropractor because the baby was bound up. The baby had a poop literally not two minutes later!