What can I do tp heal from my relationship?

I just got dumped after a 3 year relationship. We have a baby together. We ended on good terms but I’m obviously sad… does anyone have ideas that I could do to help heal faster? Make myself feel better? I just feel lost.


Allow yourself to feel and accept your feelings. Time will heal unfortunately you will feel hurt and pain. Make sure you take time to be sad, then start living for you. Find peace being alone and do projects, make your home different rearrange organize, exercise get some fresh air call a friend hang out with a friend. But feel!

Make friends… love yourself

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Just take one day at a time❤️it will get easier, you just have to keep on going

Get into a church which has single women your age with babies. Get into a Singles Sunday School class, they will welcome you and include you in their circle. Before long you’ll meet a new guy who will treat you right!

God. He is the ultimate healer, I started reading my Bible again after a 13 year relationship had ended… My whole life has changed since… He heals the broken and binds their wounds :heart:


Your baby will keep you busy… mentally… emotionally… physically… spiritually… enjoy these times and one day you will wake up to recovery. Focus on you and baby…

Do things that you love to do, be it painting or gardening or exercise–whatever brings you joy. Invite friends over for a movie and popcorn. Although it seems like every day sucks right now, keep pushing on. One day, out of the blue, you will have a good day. The next day may not be good, but keep building on your good day. In time, the good days will outweigh the bad. I’ve been in your shoes a couple of times. It will get better in time. :heart:


Keep yourself busy but still feel the feelings. Have brunch with the girls. Be around family. Clean house. This too shall pass. When I left a 10 year relationship it took a lot of time. But distractions help!


In time it gets better keep yourself busy and your mind will stay on tract and think positive

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Redecorate. Maybe a haircut some new clothes. A change is as good as a holiday. Do things you always want to do but never put aside the time. Find you again.


You will feel better in time. One thing you should not do is getting back with him. If he cared he would not have left you. You can’t make someone love you. So wait until you meet the right person that treats you right and is a better man

Def. Try and keep yourself busy so you don’t think about it as much . Cause it is hard. But as time goes by things will get easier it’s not something you can just overcome over night. Just pray about it ask God to help heal you and show you the direction you should go to.

Work out your Myers Briggs personality type. Work out his. See what you had in common. What you didn’t. Realise it’s not you , it’s not him. Its that you were not right for each other. No one has to feel inadequate or not enough. Use Myers Briggs to love and accept yourself. Learn about what you need from a relationship and what others need and identify your best match and if you want a new partner get the right match next time. ( Studied 4 hours a day for 8 years don’t let people who have looked at it for 5 mins put you off it. Its amazing )

Join a group for single moms.

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Nothing you can do really, itll get better with time

If your looking for closure maybe just ask him why he didn’t feel your relationship was going to last ? And see if there is something that you need to improve on with yourself or if he needed to improve. Not everyone is suited for one another best to concentrate on yourself and baby and enjoy yourself

Mine just left 7 days ago after 19 years and left town and moved in with his new girlfriend I’d like to know this question too please


Does the other party already have someone in mind to replace you. If that is so it is a totally different story and less likely to work out for you.

If he walked out, DO NOT CHASE HIM!! No one is worth the chase or giving uo your soul. The right one will come along and it will be so much more than you ever dreamed. I know, because I lived it!!


Just move on…file for custody of your child, child support…close that door, open another, and leave the first one shut! If you file for child support, watch how fast that door opens…

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Feeling lost is a natural feeling or we won’t be Human ,Focus your Attention on your Baby .Take it from me after my husband Died of cancer our children became my Priority I did not date until they finished college and got married.

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Honestly after my last relationship 3 years ago. You can try all u want, it won’t help until YOU are ready. I tried everything dyed my hair, got my nails done, TRIED moving on, talked & talked & talked about my hurt to my friends & family, drove myself insane trying to let go. Nothing worked, until 1 day literally a couple months ago, it clicked in my head I deserve better, he’s gone, it was a lesson. & I’ve been good since. I don’t think about him anymore, I don’t cry anymore… in this aspect, yes all u need is time. Now I’m ready to move on but my standards way too high. So I might not be fully ready but I’m open to it. Give yourself time & plz don’t try to replace ur feelings with other things, feel them & it will help to get u to let go.

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Date yourself, put in the effort to feel good by doing whatever that means to you: skin care, make up, dressing up, taking yourself out for supper, joining the gym or finding a new hobby. Essentially fake it till you make it.


give all the hurts to Jesus and he will heal you!


Forgive him , forgive your self ask God to forgive you, ask God to take up and fill up the space in your heart that, that man is occupying, constantly tell God to remove him from your heart do away with anything that reminds of him most importantly shift all the love you had for him to you and your baby, look nice , dress well , go out, join freinds love will locate you when you least expect it

Go get a haircut. Go to the salon and pick out an awesome hairstyle and cut and get your hair done. And then go get your nails done if you can do it. Spoil yourself for a minute.


First of all file that child support and if you’re able and if you’re in need sign up for the state benefits get you and your kid on that health insurance get the food card there’s other benefits if you’re not working they will help you find a job and you can possibly be paid while you’re looking for the job if that program is available wherever you’re at. It’s time to be strong Step Up be the woman that you are and handle your business chin up girl it gets better

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Stay single and focus on being a good mom :heart::crown:

Don’t try to hurry the grieving process. Even when it’s amicable you still need to go through it. There’s no hurrying it up. If you think you aren’t in a healthy place I’d suggest therapy for some healthy coping skills!


One day at a time, one hour at a time, sometimes one minute at a time. You’ll get through it. You won’t be sad forever. But stay busy, make new friends, do things you normally wouldn’t (by yourself to meet people). You got this

Accept what is and let go of what’s not.