What can I do for my heavy periods?

I had my son January 13th last year. And I had my first period (without birth control) January of this year and it wasn’t terrible, it only lasted a few days longer than my usual. I just got my 2nd one last night. But today I have bled through tampons and night time pads together and my stomach and back is killing me. I’ve tried Midol but it doesn’t really do much. Ibuprofen and Tylenol do nothing for me. I have issues with the OBGYN’s near me because no one listens. And I don’t agree with birth control and stopped taking it a long time ago. But what do y’all do about bad cramps and heavy bleeding? I’ve never had a period as bad as this one is. I’m still able to function like I normally do but I’m so frustrated. Especially after not having a real period for so long.


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Coffee enemas. Hair analysis and nutritional balancing program.

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I stopped taking ibuprofen because mine would last forever. When it’s that time for me I take aleve, iron pill every other day, & vitamin d3. Mine is normal now & don’t stay on forever

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My menstrual cycles were that bad I had become anemic from them and required iron infusions after my cycles. My obgyn told me to track my cycle and a week before it’s to start to take ibuprofen or advil/alleve twice a day and it helped out tremendously by cutting the bleeding by atleast 1/4. Unfortunately mine were so bad I had to have an ablation after failed attempts of BC and D&C’s. But maybe try taking an NSAID a week prior to cycle. (Unless you have allergies to NSAIDs)

I recently got a ovira (like a tens unit) for my cramping. Huge fan. I also take iron supplements when I’m on my period.

Checkout the hormone kit and relief from Rowe Casa Organics :purple_heart:

The combination of endometriosis of my uterus and polycystic ovary syndrome so and there’s really nothing you can do about it

Have you spoken to your OB-GYN? You may need hormone therapy to regularize your menses. Yes, it is distributed in the same manner as BC, but for a different reason. Or it could be a some medical issue that needs treatment.
Talk to your doctor. Especially if this different than your pre BC, pre-pregnancy menses.

1000 mg of vitamin C WITH BIOFLAVONOIDS everyday has helped me immensely. Everyone is different but studies have shown it helps and for two years I have been amazed at the improvement.

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Well I don’t know if your doctor told you but if you are breastfeeding it can cause terrible cramping and back pain. It goes away with time but it could be a factor.

I had my baby last November. I hemorrhaged after birth. So my first period happened about January. It was light. Second period happened last month and it was the heaviest one I’ve ever had. The cramping was horrible and eventually after soaking though large post partum pads
After 24 hours I began to get dizzy, confused and weak. I called my OB and we thought I might be hemorrhaging again. I went to the hospital and all my blood came back normal. The ultrasound also came back normal. Doctor came and told me that I was fine and periods will be irregular after child birth.

For cramps a shot of vinegar followed by a bite of pickle or cracker. Works AWESOME!!!

Eat things with magnesium & potassium. It will help with cramping.

Keep going to the doctor. Make them listen —you are the best/only advocate for yourself. I know the pain of menstrual issues and the lack of help. Someone will listen, you just need to find them —don’t stop until you do.

All the best.

Honestly you might have uterine fibroids. I have them and my periods are super heavy and painful!

Get checked for Fibroids. They cause pain and heavy bleeding

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Find a different OBGYN. You may need to have a check up and hormones. A few years after having my daughter they ended up doing a biopsy. I had scar tissue built up and my ovaries were on different schedules. They suggested a D&C procedure to curb the abnormal bleeding.

There could be growths, polyps, fibroids, etc. Hormones helped a little. We ended up moving to another state, so I have to continue treatment elsewhere.

But as far as the crazy bleeding, I had to get the most absorbent tampon and overnight pads, and for sleeping even had to use Depends during the heaviest times. It lasts sometimes 1-2 weeks. They made me take iron supplements to fight the anemia.

Heating pads helped some with cramps, but sometimes they’re so severe it’s as if I’m going through contractions all over again.

You definitely need to find an OB you feel comfortable with and get treatment. If it’s similar to what my experience has been, it won’t get better on it’s own.

For over 3 years after having my son mine were horrible they wanted me to go on bc but I didn’t want to. It eventually leveled back out but I have cyst on both ovaries and my cervix now.

Get off the tampons toxic shock been there done that and not heavy asbort pads make your stomach cramp use the thin change often

I have a thick uterus and cysts, I have been taking provera for about 1.5 years because I’d bleed so much that I became anemic. It has stopped the bleeding completely. If you aren’t happy with your obgyn, find another because it’s important to figure out why you are bleeding so heavily.

Get a check for scaring and endometriosis. My kiddo left a scar that still shows up on ultrasound and had me bleeding like hell after he was born.

That’s what I go through and I have fibroids :tired_face: Have them check that to double-check if you don’t have it…

Go see an OBGYN and ask for an endometrial ablation, it will make your periods non existent and help with the pain

I gave up trying to talk to doctors about heavy bleeding. They tell me to lose weight. Yeah that didn’t work either before baby number 3. Currently I’ve said fuck it I’ll just have another baby and hopefully menopause will set in soon after.

I have had heavy periods for the majority of my 20 years of having a period years before I had my daughter in 2019. I just started taking Provera (the pill not the shot) in Nov and it has eased up my periods immensely. I too bled so bad it was making me anemic. Plus like others have mentioned I have a fibroid right smack dab in the middle of my uterus so that makes my period heavier when not on some kind of birth control or Provera. I would at least try to do Provera the pill since you don’t wanna go the birth control route.

800mg advil every 4 hours

I had similar and they found after i waited nearly 5 yrs I needed a hysterectomy. I had fibroids . I was massive anemic . Dont let it go on too long . Took me ages to get well I was only 35

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Awesome. My birthday is also January 13th

Have you tried BC Powders? They sure work for all my pain.

Pamprin max pink box was the only thing that ever worked for me

Flax seed daily to regulate hormones

So, I’m going to start by saying that I was like you after my last baby. 1st period was normal but my 2nd period was a nightmare. I resorted to my leftover adult diapers (used them for pp) because it was so bad. I just used my heating pad and moved as little as possible until it ended. All other periods since have been normal (3+ years). If you are concerned, you can always go to the hospital or find a new OB/GYN… I never got mine looked into

Unfortunately for some women menstrual cycles can worsen after pregnancies, best to talk to your OB-GYN

Part of the process, hot water bottles, lots of fluids iron supplement… hot baths… and yes midol… should calm down after a few cycles…

Find a new gynecologist and ask to be checked for endometriosis

Get checked first, then if it is just a normal heavy flow with no issues and ypur not planning on having another baby for a bit look into an IUD. I did that, they got bad from just having kids and it stopped or were very light.

I use birth control pills to control mine, so I don’t know what you could do.

A year after the birth before your period started ? Something needs investigation . Heavy periods after so long would be normal but they need to check you over to see what caused that long a delay.

It’s very possible it’s just where you haven’t had one in so long. My periods as a teen were always worse than that I had to wear tampons and pads at the same time and change every 2 hrs MINIMUM. The pain was to the point I couldn’t do much that whole week. Birth control took it away and when I stopped bc my first period was pretty rough where I hadn’t bled in so long but they eased up a tad with each period until finally they were easier than ever. I still had occasional super heavy ones but for zhe most part I had “normal” periods lol

Warm baths and a heating pad. If u got muscle relaxers with ibuprofen and just try to relax. I know easier said than done

I had (and still have) heavy periods. It’s severe enough that it makes my iron levels tank. my ob suggested trying nexplanon before ablation and nexplanon works for me! If you change your mind about birth control, nexplanon is the best way imo to go. It goes in the arm and can stay there for up to 3 years.

Mine just put me on Tranexamic Acid. It’s a blood clotter that aids in the blood breakdown process (it stops the process). It should help with the bleeding but be advised it does not help with other side effects of menstruation. I take 800 mg ibuprofens and it helps!

It could be endometriosis, or fibroid tumors,or cysts, or just your body cleaning out from not having a period for so long. Regardless get checked out.

maybe talk to your GYN about this situation

I had my son January 13th, 2022 lol congratulations. Well, I used to have HEAVY, crampy, irregular periods until I left the hospital after getting the depo shot. So far, my periods have been so light and I feel so much better now at 29 than when I was on it at 17.

See a new Dr until you feel comfortable. Try a female gp I find better luck with nurse practitioners personally. Good luck!

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Go to a Planned Parenthood. They listen far better.


Personally I love my contraceptive pill. I get less pain and my period is so light.

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I find that if I’m making sure my nutrition is good and I take my vitamins and workout, then everything is better. I don’t even get cramps if I’m treating my body properly like it should be treated. Also drinking lots of water. If you’re doing all of that and still have problems I would see a different gynecologist that will actually listen to you. Sodas make all of that so much worse also, just FYI. Not sure if you drink sodas.

My periods were awful after my 3rd child. She’s 2 almost 3. Bleeding through wearing a tampon and going through pads in less than an hour with God awful PMS. However these last 3 months all that has subsided and in pretty much back to normal. I have a friend who had the same issue and took birth control for one month to regulate her body and that worked for her. You can also do an ablation. However if you plan to have more kids that will make it very hard to carry a child.

First find a different obgyn that will listen to you. My periods were normal after have my son. I would seriously get that checked out

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Heat packs and buscopan. Needing something a little stronger for pain that would be a gp trip. If you are worried about how much you are bleeding and it isn’t normal for you I would suggest getting a referral on to a specialist from your gp. They will suggest medication and contraceptives first.

I had a dr that would not listen to me when I had heavy heavy periods and cramping that had me in a ball crying he said it was due to my weight and if I lost weight it would be better (his answer for everything) I switched Drs and finally found one that listened and she tested me for PCOS and that was the cause. I can’t give you advice on how to fix it but if you can try to find a dr that will listen if it comes down to it. Be very stern and tell them they need to run tests or figure out what is going on.


Jan. 13 is my birthday too!

Try a menstrual cup instead of tampons. I had the same problem but the menstrual cup holds more than a tampon and I get way less cramps. It’s like I’m not even on my period anymore!

If you just stopped bc and just now started having periods again they may be heavier while your body tries to regulate its hormones. I was on depot for 4 years and had no periods. After I stopped and got them back the first few months were horrible.

I breast fed my kids for years… when I finally got my period about 2 years later the first couple were horrible. Like call into work bad. But they did get better and returned to normal. I called it Karma for skipping so many. 🤷

Did you have your tubes tied?

I went to my OB and started tranexemic acid. It helped immensely with the amount of bleeding, clots and cramps. I also was diagnosed with endometriosis which made mine worse.

It may take some time to regulate after not having a period for so long as well to get things back in balance. If it gets worse I would find a OB/GYN that you prefer and like.

If you have had the Covid Vaccine, there is a study that a lot of women are experiencing heavy periods/menstrual changes.


Tbh I take birth control for it :woman_shrugging:

Wait you’re bleeding through both at once? If you’re bleeding through a pad an hour, you might need to go to the hospital

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I had that same issue a while back. The issue fixed itself once I got my type 2 diabetes under control. That might not be your case. Best advice I can give you is see your doctor.

If you’re done having kids ask for uterine ablation.

Cannabis helps with bad cramps

I’ve stopped using tampons as they are uncomfortable, I’ve started using a menstrual cup/disc and it’s a game changer. less waste, and period underwear amazing.

Sounds weird but take some ibuprofen with a Cold can of soda. Chug the soda down. I do this when midol doesn’t work. If you look at the midol that’s basically what it is. Seems to help me personally. My GMA swears by a heating pad but I’m not the sit still type

Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh & Raspberry leaf teas are all excellent for any “women’s” issues …

Hot water bottle put it on ur stomach make sure the cover is on it that’s the only thing helped me. And dont use tampons they make the pain worse .

Are you bleeding through a tampon and pad in an hour? If so I’d go get checked out. This happened when my mom had fibroids

I take the pill for this. I have a fibroid and the bleeding is crazy. More people take it for reasons such as this than birth control.

Make sure you hsve enough pottasium… also perhaps an iud???

I just suffer through it and have switched to the always boutique “underwear” they have been a life saver as far as bleeding through.