What can I do for my childs acid reflux?

My daughter was switched to enfimel AR formula to help with her acid reflux. It made a big difference

Alana, didn’t Joe have bad reflux?

Talking to your pediatrician is your best bet.

Is he nursing? Try no dairy in your diet if so. Many, like my first are incredibly sensitive.

If he’s on formula have you considered asking for nutramigen instead? May have spelled that wrong lol

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Gripe water to help settle tummy?

My niece had this issue and the doctor recommended feeding upright and keeping them like that for about an hour after feeding. But definitely talk to the pediatrician again and see if something else can be done.

For my daughter it was a vitamin D overdose. Her formula had extra vitamin D in it, her reflux med he pushed on me had vitamin D in it, as did her overall vitamin. I figured it out, ceased all the meds, kept her on the formula (that came from the nicu I trusted) and it all magically cleared up. Pediatricians are absolutely awful, they profit from every prescription they write so that is their only answer, cram more meds into patients and fill their pockets even more and enjoy that luxury car and bigger boat

Try soy formula! Or an allergy formula! My daughter was projectile vomitting and choking on it until I switched! Literally never spits up !

My first born had the same problem. I would feed him 6oz and 4 would come back up. Took him to a specialist as well. Enfamil A.R. Worked wonders for him, and I also let him sleep in his swing at night to keep him elevated. It worked. Once they are old enough to crawl the muscle that keeps the food down will start to get stronger and the spitting up will end soon after. I know what it was like. Changed my clothes and the baby’s clothes every time he ate! It gets better as they get older

Try some reflexology. It helps with digestive problems,

I have heard of chiropractor helping! And I used to set my son in the rock and play or swing because it would set him up enough he could rest. Has any medicine helped?

This happened to my daughter for 8 months straight it turned out she was lactose intolerant so the drs medication for reflux was doing nothing because she was still having the lactose from my breastmilk and formula, put her on lactose free formula and within a week she was sooo much better

Enfamil A.R. worked wonders for my great granddaughter before she was put on this we would have to change both her clothes and mine after each feeding, and she was losing weight, now she in four months old,hardly spits up and is a little piglet,growing let a little pig.

My little one had it bad too. Prilosec worked best after trying others, elevating while sleeping helped. We ended up seeing a pulmonologist who finally got things under control. Good luck with your little one, it’s so hard to see them in pain .

My baby girl did the same thing! We had to switch her formula to soy based. She’s almost 7 months now and has outgrown the acid reflux.

you need an allergist

Pepcid and hold him upright for 30 minutes after he eats. Let him sleep on you laying upright. Swaddle. Maybe try goats milk or soy formula

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My little one had a dairy intolerance and suffered the same thing the first month of her life. She eats soy now and takes Pepcid at bedtime. She sleeps in her crib finally with her head elevated above her stomach. The first 7 weeks I slept in a recliner holding her upright.

My son had this. We had him on meds they didn’t work we switched him to almentum formula he was a different child after that.

Change the formula until u find one. Orange Similac did if for me

The hipp organic formula worked best for us

My daughter had horrible reflux we ended up giving her goat milk from the time she was 2 months old. She is 9 now has terrible reflux and is lactose intolerant.

I had it bad, I almost died. I had to have an emergency Nissen surgery when I was a baby.

Try lactose baby formula. My son spit up the whole bottle would come right back up.

Telysha Cutrell read comments. Might find good information.

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Nexium (my daughters dr prescribed it as well as Elecare formula) and I had to thicken my daughters formula for her reflux her dietician had me add an extra half scoop or extra whole scoop. She’s had reflux since she was born and she’s 11 months now and it’s almost completely gone. Also keep your baby upright for 20-30 minutes after the bottle to prevent the reflux from happening when you lay them down with a full belly.

I went through this it is absolute hell

This happened with my son also when he was an infant, we had to change his formula quite a bit before it got better, I would talk to the pediatrician

I’ve been thru this - have him checked for pyloric stenosis!!! It does require surgery! Don’t back down! My son was 4 weeks on the day when he had his surgery

All the above except the cereal. Switching to a sensitive stomach formula can help but make sure that it isn’t a milk allergy. I gave mine gripe water but I lived in England at the time. I did see it in Walmart here though. It’s a mint based water and is great. Remember to feed small meals, sitting up. Do not lay down after eating. I don’t believe in those antacids especially for a baby unless you have to and only for a short period of time. I had to get a stomach tumor removed from my stomach 3 years ago from being on antacids for years. They are for short term use only. I’m sure that the doctor doesn’t care if anyone gets stomach cancer as long as they stop complaining about reflux, right. Cereal for a very young baby is why we have so many kids with allergies today. Years ago they never gave cereal or food of any kind until 6 months old and hardly anyone had allergies. Today people want their kids to keep quiet so give them cereal causing the allergies in some.

I would consult your pediatrician. It could be a few things, if you are breastfeeding it can be what your eating. If you are doing formula, maybe sensitivity to formula. Over eating, I know with my second one he would over eat so I would have to pause and wait. Burping between feeds. I wouldn’t give my baby anything without a pediatrician consult. I know a lot of people have done cereal on baby’s bottle, but that is something that is not recommended.

Sit-up straight and support baby to feed upright pressed along your torso, Dr or nurse can advise how to support properly. After feeding keep baby upright and rock side to side. Break up feedings if you have a gulper. Put a wedge underneath the head of their mattress so their head is tilted slightly above their stomach when lying down. You can also lay your baby tilted on their left side with supports to keep from rolling with approval from Dr. Do not give baby cereal. It’s the worst home remedy for extreme GERD and can cause other issues. Gripe water only makes the gastro tract slick. That’s it. Great for tapeworm, useless for everything else.

Your pediatrician should be able to prescribe something. My baby was born with cleft lip and palate and stayed on meds from 1month old until her 2nd surgery at 11 months old. (Tell your dr that the med you’re using isn’t working. They can change the dosage or switch the med to find one that will). And yes, the elevation is key as well. Don’t bounce the baby or put him/her in a swing. It makes it worse. Formula switch might help too.