What can I do for heartburn?

okay so I am 12 weeks pregnant an I have mad heartburn I have been taking tums but they seem to not be helping. please help me with some home remedies :anguished:


Zantac 75 works wonders

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Almonds! I ate them all day everyday and it disappeared!

I use to eat white grapes when I would get heartburn or nausea

Milk helps me so much! Or vanilla ice cream

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I just started protonix in the morning and Zantac at night. The Zantac mint flavored is a life saver. I had severe heart burn a few weeks ago and since then it’s disappeared. If you don’t like medicine, at night sit up sleeping with a heating pad on your belly and knees to your chest.

Milk always worked for me. And bananas. Good luck

A spoonful of baking soda in a glass of water is supposed to work well. I always stuck with zantac though

I second the zantac! It works wonders for me and my heartburn was so bad I would vomit.

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Avoid grease and fatty foods

Milk or ice cream helped me. Lemonade did too!

Yep pickle juice is my saving grace always!!!

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Over the counter Zantac 75mg once a day and if it helps but doesn’t fully take it away take 1 every 12 hours that’s the only way I survived all 3 of my pregnancies

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Milk helps me so much! Or vanilla ice cream

Mints like the peppermint ones that are red and white

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i had to chew tums due to heparin,

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Spoon full of mustard for instant relief

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Try those soft Tums, they are the only thing that helps me

I take Ranitidine tablets they are 150mg i take 2 of them and it helps me


A spoon full of mustard my grandmama use to do that when we were sick and its amazing for acid reflux

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Teaspoon of mustard will help or baking soda in water

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The chewy tums worked great for me!

I had to get a prescription!

I take a zantac a day it works great heartburn is so bad but it does help

Might not be heartburn. If you get a pain in your upper right hand side under your boob, could be gallbladder issues.
Also, milk isn’t the best for heartburn. While it does coat the stomach at first, it eventually breaks down into sugars and fats which in turn cause more acid.

Ginger chews from Trader Joe’s if you live close to one! There always helpful to me. Or really any ginger products, Ginger is good for digestive. Also in extreme cases I use little bit of baking soda and water. It’s nasty but helps!

Did you try the xtra strength peppermint tums I found those were the only ones that worked when I was pregnant. My doctor poked fun at me cause I carried a big bottle around with me

Dark choc almond milk

Tablespoon of mustard.

Spoon fulls of dry oatmeal. I know it sounds horrid but it actually isn’t too bad, and it really works- I have 4 sons and had horrendous heartburn with all of them- I used this method.

Milk has saved me my entire pregnancy with heartburn

Baking soda and lukewarm water. Instructions should be on the box.

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Zantac menthol works wonders.

Milkshakes or pickle juice.

Pickle juice or some peppermint gum

Baking soda and water. Tastes nasty but it works

Mustard and a cold Pepsi that worked for me

You can take Prilosec over-the-counter or get a prescription for it

Omeprazole was the only thing that helped me with both kids! I was prescribed it at a higher doses later in the pregnancy when it intensified.

Milk was the only thimg that worked for me besides tums

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Baking soda water. Only thing that helped me. I had it so bad!

I was drinking peppermint tea. That helped me the most along with zantac.

Milk… Full fat… Worked for me better then anything else. And the mint flavored tums. The fruit never worked.

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Ice cream helped me…

Drink ACV or pickle juice.

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Zantac has been the only way I’ve survived this pregnancy.

Ice cream, milkshake !!!

Chocolate or strawberry milk

If you’re getting it this early it’s only going to get worse as the baby gets bigger so I would talk to your doctor about medication


Pickle juice! I drank that stuff by the gallons the last pregnancy little sips takes down the acid

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Are you taking you prenatal in the AM or PM? I had to take mine before bed with a glass of milk to stop my heartburn .


Just try different forms of tums. I’m 33wks and tried alka-seltzer heartburn chews at first and those didn’t work. The Tums that are the original fruit flavor chalky tablets you chew work for me right now. But I remember with my first Rolaids worked. So just experiment with different anti acids. Also try cutting out foods with a lot of spice to them.


Pickle juice or Apple Cider Vinegar work wonders. If ACV dilute in a small amount of water.

I started taking Mattys natural acid indigestion relief! Work like a charm!

Zantac is safe and OTC

Mint gums, like polar ice flavor

I lived off the flavored Tums when I was pregnant only thing that helped me

Tums are actually not safe during pregnancy. … try gaviscon

Prego pops from babies r us

Dont eat red sauce, or anything chocolate, it makes heartburn worse.

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Baking soda and water…an oldtime home remedy


Zantac worked wonders for me!

But im just now getting heartburn at 35 weeks and using chewie tums. Theyre working for me…

Chewing Double mint gum helped me with heart burn

You can take ranitidine

Ginger root candy works wonders!!

I couldn’t eat anything with peppers or tomatoes. So pizza sauce, all that. And if I really wanted to, I’d drink a glass of milk before eating and it helped !

I used nexium with my son, my OB recommended it.

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I had heartburn so bad toward the end of my pregnancy, I actually had to sleep sitting up. I also took zantac and doc recommended not eating 2-3 hours before bed. I would make sure you are not eating greasy or fried foods, or anything spicy.

waiting it out and drinking milk and sleeping on the left side had helped a lot but lately sleeping in my right side had helped more which is weird :joy:

Glass of milk helps me

Don’t be crazy. Talk to your doctor.

I used to wake up at night all the time with horrible heartburn, the acid up in my throat, making me cough so hard sometimes I’d throw up. :confused: The only thing that saved me was chugging some liquid malox, and gargling listerine for a while. It would numb the back of my throat enough to help things calm down, so I could breathe, and possibly go back to sleep.

I swear by baking soda and water. It literally has saved me with my severe heartburn!!

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Chewing gum, or a teaspoon of mustard. And zantac is safe to take.

Don’t use milk. It’ll give you an instant relief but the lactose actually irritates your stomach lining causing an over production of stomach acid which means your heartburn is more likely to come back with a vengeance.

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Zantac! And sweetened vanilla almond milk.

Look up “foods that absorb stomach acid” drink plenty of fluids, smaller meals more freq. Also preg

Sleep on ur left side… helps at night…tums were also amazing

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1 tsp baking soda with 5 oz. water and add lemon juice about a cap full.mix quick and drink.Works wonders.

Peppermint candy helps and when baby gets here put a piece in a bottle of water and let them drink it works wonders for upset tummies…Might even try peppermint oil in a glass of water.

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Only thing that somewhat helped me was zantac… and i had heartburn BAD with both my boys…

i’ve heard a lot of people say to drink pickle juice or eat a spoon full of mustard but my doctor put me on medicine for mine when I was pregnant

Tell your doctor. I worked in obgyn and both pregnancies my acid was so bad I couldn’t take a sip of water. I had to take Prilosec, and it is also the only time I have had heartburn in my life.

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Ok when you see your dr again, ask about protonix also know as pantoprazole, it was my miracle… with my son I had the worst heartburn in my life nothing helped and I mean NOTHING helped… my dr prescribed that and no lie I was finally able to eat again… but if you need an instant relief baking soda and water…

Buy ranitidine… it’s a life saver I promise you.

Baking soda mixed in water I’m telling you girl that is a lifesaver


Granny Smith apples were the only thing that helped my heartburn with my firs. I swear by it!

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A cup of milk and sip on it. Works wonders for heart burn. I still drink milk when I have heartburn

Apple cider vinegar Mixed with a little water, always helped me

Try eating some soda crackers

Walmart Brand of Zantac, I think it’s called Ranitidine. Way cheaper and does the same thing.

Speak to your ob or midwife first but mine told me zantac 150. Worked AMAZE BALLS!:joy:

Baking soda and water. I teaspoon to 1 cup water. U will feel so much better… I called my dad crying one morning thinking I was about to die… 1 min after this I was better. I used it every night and day… I could look at a bottle of water and get heart burn… My daughter is now 10 and she will mix it for me if I need her to lol… I also carried premixed bottles in my car :joy:

Baking soda in water.:heart_eyes:

Baking soda. Either mix a spoon full or 2 with a little water or just eat it and chase it with water. Best thing is you literally can’t take to much take it as often as needed. Worked wonders for me


My midwife wrote me a script for Zantac. LIFE.CHANGING.

Potato juice. It’s not the most pleasant flavor, but it really works!!

Watch what u eat some foods can cause heartburn, don’t lay down after eating. Small frequent meals. 🤷

Milk is the only thing that helps me and make sure you don’t over eat or drink dark pop