What can I do for cradle cap?

I need help with the cradle cap on my 3-month-old and ways to keep it clean and moisturize. I tried Vaseline, but it made it too greasy

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Following. My 6 month old still gets it.

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I used a little drop of baby oil and a very soft toothbrush and just brushed it away in a gentle swirling way

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Dandruff shampoo is what my daughter’s ped suggested

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My son is 8 and still has it​:grimacing::grimacing: we done the baby oil and comb.

Every morning I put baby oil on my sons scalp, “scrubbed” his head with a soft bristle baby brush, then bathed him every night. It was gone in just a couple days and never came back.

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Coconut oil is what we used.

Coconut oil and a baby brush/comb

Baby oil let it sit for a while then use a soft brush and rub around wash out and try that for a few days

Breast milk if you are nursing! It worked wonders on my baby.

Dandruff shampoo! Make sure not to get in in their eyes though.

With both my kids we had to let it kind of run its course. We used the soft head scrubbing brushes and actual shampoo instead of all in one baby stuff but if it isn’t bleeding it isn’t the hugest deal in the world.

I juat ran a brush through my daughters hair during every shampoo until it went away. Took a while but worked!

I used a little bit of olive oil and a soft brush.

I scrubbed my babys head until all foamed up and heavily lathered (obviously gentle as could be), then rinsed. Got rid of it all, no picking, and never came back.

My doc recommended before the babies bath, rub baby oil on her head and let it soak for 15 minutes. The brush in small circles with a brush then give her a bath!!

Leave it alone. It will go away all by itself in time. It does not bother them. Wash him up (not too often) moisturize his head. Thats all thats needed.

Coconut oil or breast milk.

For my oldest I just used the cradle cap brush.

I used almond oil and put on a hat and brush it off after a few hours

Breastmilk worked for us!

I used Creamy baby oil. Worked great

Baby oil and a soft baby brush.

I was told to rub my daughter’s head with baby oil on a cotton ball, letting it sit for a while before bathing her, and not shampooing her head only rinse off the excess oil. He explained cradle cap was basically just dry skin.

Baby lotion and a baby brush

I just used baby shampoo and baby brush and that took care of the issue

coconut oil or almond oil 15 min before bath than brush with cradle cap brush. Worked wonders

I used a little coconut oil or olive oil. Never

We were told head and shoulders by the pediatrician and it’s worked amazing!!

Baby oil and a brush.

Taylor Carlo I know u were asking this today if you need more ideas :slightly_smiling_face:

Baby don’t cry shampoo

Head and shoulders and a baby brush.

My pediatrician recommended Selson Dandruff shampoo

Let baby oil soak in scalp for 5 minutes and rinse with fine toothed baby comb

I did baby oil after a bath and let it soak for like 15 minutes and then used a fine toothed baby comb to brush it all out. Worked like a charm and she doesn’t have it anymore.


Baby oil or coconut oil and brushing

Are used to use baby oil and a comb, and then give them a bath

My doctor told us Aveno oatmeal baby cream. It worked very well.

With a gentle baby shampoo. Worked wonders for my youngest

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My old pediatrician had us use selsun blue to wash her hair. Nothing worked and we tried what seemed like everything! After a week with selsun blue, it cleared it up.

Dr Bonners Castile Soap i believe is what its called, the one I used was purple

You can use baby oil and a baby brush! Do circular motions! just give a bath after so they aren’t all greasy!

If your baby has a lot of hair, don’t use baby oil. I used it on my daughter and it took weeks to get out of her hair and didn’t really do much for the cradle cap

Try Tubby Todd. It works.

Put baby oil in babies hair, put a cap on, leave for 30 minutes then wash out and use a soft brush in the bath, doctor told me to do that for a week and it should take care of it

I use a tiny bit of 2 in 1 dandruff shampoo once a week as well as coconut oil every couple days with a soft brush you can even use a new toothbrush for smaller areas then use a comb if the baby has hair. I always put the moisturizer on as soon as baby comes out of the bath dont dry their head

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My dr told me to use head and shoulders once a week. I think I only had to do it for 2 weeks.

I used a soft toothbrush to loosen dead skin and a tiny bit of baby oil. Light shampoo every day until better.

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A scrubbie thing idk what they’re called. Baby oil and a brush

Mix some baby shampoo and baking soda together and make a soapy paste. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse.

Baking soda and warm water, make a paste. Leave it sit for 5 minutes and rinse off! Repeat of necessary!

I use bicarb mixed with baby soap, it’s just a build up of excess oils and doesn’t actually need to be treated but you can use any method mentioned if you want to

Babyganics cradle cap cleansing oil worked incredible and fast for my little man

The grease is good!

I used coconut oil and it helped clear my babies fast

Coconut oil and a fine tooth comb

Babyoil, finetooth comb. Very easy

Coconut oil and brush it with a soft brush.

I would soak his head with olive oil or botanical oil right before a bath. Leave on for about 15 minutes or so. Give bath, then use HAPPY CAPPY shampoo (can get on amazon) then comb it out with the cradle cap safety 1st comb (also on Amazon).
Literally came right off his scalp. Use the actual comb part.

Has anybody tried any of these on a baby with a FULL head of hair? I tried putting oil on it but I had he ended up with greasy sticky hair for over a week despite washing

I seen a post earlier for another momma and it looked like it worked wonders! I’m actually going to try it on my boy!

Olive oil, let sit for a few, baby brush in the tub when it gets too bad. My 4 yr old still has small patches of it but I’m not worried about it.

Baby oil and a hair scrubby idk what their called the hospital gave me a few

Mustela foam shampoo

Make a paste out of baking soda and vaseline or coconut lotion and baking soda. Natures own vitamin e lotion and baking soda works best

Olive oil works best

When I would give my little one a bath I would take a baby comb and comb out his hair at each bath time.

Coconut oil with the baby brush

My husband says baby oil works

Baby oil and a baby brush

Tiny bit of head and shoulders every 3rd or every other bath depending how bad it is.

Baby oil and a fine comb or ice cream stick does the trick

Baby oil and brush down the cradle. :ok_hand:

Baby oil and a baby brush it helped with my daughter…

Baby oil and a fine comb, works like a charm

Seriously pediatrician said to use Head and Shoulders just don’t get it in the baby’s eyes. Let set while giving baby the bath.

Coconut oil and a soft bristled brush

Coconut oil!!! Rub it on before bathtime and let it sit for at least an hour to overnight, give baby a bath and brush their hair

Baby oil and a baby hair brush.

Olive oil and soft brush

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I always use baby oil right after every bath my babies never got it

I used baby oil and a baby brush out very soft toothbrush. Worked on all 4 of mine

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Dentinox cradle cap shampoo is amazing! My little one had it really bad and its the only thing that worked. Xx

Use separate water to wash the head .

Wash their scalp with a baby brush and a mild fragrance free wash. Then moisturize either with breast milk or an unscented natural lotion. Some suggest coconut oil. It didn’t work for us but worth a try. Make sure it is a cold pressed organic kind. Do this everyday. It should clear up quickly.

My doctor recommended olive oil. Watch to make sure they don’t get it infected from scratching. Then you’ll need to go to the doctor to get cream. Also could be the shampoo your using? I used to use Johnson and Johnson but it was to harsh on my daughters head. So I switched to baby Aveeno and liked it better.

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I found Coconut oil is best. It’s also a natural antibiotic and anti fungal

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I did baby oil on my son, as he had it a lot! I mean it does make the hair greasy, but it does work. At least for my son it did :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

Both mine had it… nothing helps really without making it greasy… it’ll go away on its own. They used to make a decent shampoo or something but I don’t know the brand but it had Winnie the Pooh on the front. It helped but not much.

My hospital provided me with a brush and I just brushed it out. Obviously when the flakes came loose it took a little of his hair with it.

Baby oil and brushing it out with a baby brush. It did make the hair greasy, but it was worth it and got rid of it.

Coconut oil, its will start out feeling greasy but as you are gently brushing their scalp it will soak in and soften and not be greasy.

I would put baby oil and a soft beanie on over it for a little while before bathing her. Then use a soft brush

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Baby oil let it soak in the a use a fine tooth comb and scrap lightly. I’ve done it.

We used baby oil left it on for a bit then gently combed it out

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I never could get rid of that stuff!

See your dr. They can prescribe something.

Not sure if your breastfeeding but someone told me yesterday to use breastmilk to wash their head.

Use “head and shoulders” shampoo

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I always used a drop or two of head and shoulders.

Use a cradle cap brush & baby oil