What can I do for constipation in pregnancy?

Ok. I’m 15 weeks pregnant. 3rd baby. I am so constipated. I go 6 to 7 days without going. I’ve tried everything even high fiber! Trying to stay away from suppositories. I don’t ever remember it being this bad with my boys and I’m misreble! Any advice?


This is bad but I drink a Dr Pepper works every time

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Have you tried any type of essential oils?

Coffe is a natural stimulate

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Ok so we are the same this is my 3rd and it happens to me I talked to my doctor she said apple juice and more stuff with fiber

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Milk of Magnesia–i had constipation so bad once i had to go to triage. (was also taking iron sups so it made it worse) Felt like i was in labor lol My doc and the pharmacist suggested it.
A small amount goes a long way.

Or you can try prune juice. I had never tried it before and after the first glass it didnt do anything (in 10 minutes) so i had another…boy I was DYING!!! hahah so dont do that much. just a shot works.

Black coffee always did the trick for me, my constipation was so bad with my first 2 girls

Apple juice lots of it

Coffee always helped me, I would have a glass of water right away in the morning and then a cup of coffee.

Drink a lot of water and take stool softeners. Worked like a charm for me when I was pregnant with my daughter!

I had this issue with my second about same time (currently 33 weeks) and i changed my prenatal vitamins and within a week i was going just fine again!!

Mirilax. Also avoid bananas and cheese! A chocolate laxative won’t hurt either. Just don’t over do it! Also try a coffee!

More water, no processed foods, Probiotics, fermented foods, lot’s of fruit and vegetables. If that fails try stool softener.

Are you drinking enough water? How are your iron levels?

Warm prune juice, fruits, water…

Taco Bell night work too! :wink:


Magnesium citrate. Only $1. Taste terrible but helps

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Coffee and warm prune juice or eat 2-3 prunes every morning.

I had to change my prenatals

I had to get something prescribed

Lots of fresh undiluted orange juice

Smooth Move Tea…available at Wal-Mart.

Could be the iron in your prenatals. Check your prenatals

100% apple juice ! Works like a charm

Prune juice or miralax but I would do prune juice for a week

Colace… works like a charm. 34 weeks tomorrow and on high iron. Without Colace I wouldn’t go for days at a time. One every night and I’m regular every morning.

Drink something hot, the heat gets things going

I see Dr Thursday. Hoping for relief by then.

Prune juice works a treat

Prune juice sun sweet potted prunes in the dried fruit isle and they taste like candy drink apple juice and coffee

Drink lots of water n eat fruits more that helps

I am the same… 2 activea a day and u will go normally

Miralax… but that can take up to 3 days to work…I told my cousin have her baby dad give her a enema, she said it worked immediately, shes a lot further along tho so I’d call your on call first and see what they say.

Milk of magnesia is on the list of things you can take. I was constipated for 2 weeks started out with 2tbs didn’t help so the next morning I took the other 2tbs and it didn’t help till I had to drink 32 oz of water for my ultrasound. So try taking 4tbs and drinking 32oz of water afterwards definitely did the trick for me. Just make sure you have a bathroom close by when you do.

That is what I was going to say, Miralax, there is also a cheaper one that does the same thing. It is called ClearLax, and you buy it at Walmart, buy the equate brand called ClearLax and that will be the end of your problem. Also, talk to your doctor because Sarah is probably right also. For the time being use the ClearLaz for immediate relief. Put a capful in a cup of coffee or hot tea and stir. Then, drink it and you should be fine then. Good luck to you!! Best wishes!

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Eat prunes daily or miralax ( but check w/obgyn)

had the problem. doctor told me to switch to gummy prenatal. did the trick.

Pears, peaches, prunes. Usually P fruits help

Thank you guys! I’m going to try drinking some more apple juice tonight. I’ll go to the store in the morning if there is no change.

When I was pregnant I got constipated bad. Like this, so my Dr told me to drink miralax daily. It works!! Drinking it once a day made me use the bathroom regularly once or twice a day

Call your doctor they will tell you what you could take??

My obgyn said first step, stool softener, second is miralax, third sennia, and fourth dulcalax. I was even high risk on bed rest w/ a complete previa and she said it was okay but of course always check with you doc

Prune juice girl!! :raised_hands:t2:

Pears, peaches -(juice), stool softeners, greens etc etc

Call/ask your doctor…not people on fb

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Try prune juice , works wonders . Good luck

Just plain old popcorn! Seriously, try it!:woozy_face:

My OB had me take a prenatal that didn’t have iron cause I hadn’t gone in over two weeks

I was having this same issue and my obgyn had me start drinking Cal-mag daily. It works wonders. Check with your doc first though. We’re all different.

My dr told me to use Sennekot S (sp?)

Magnesium works wonders!! Also helps me a ton with mood swings :grimacing:

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Call your dr. They will probably prescribe mirilax

Chia seed pudding, only thing that works for me. Health food section of grocery store, chia seeds.

Taco bell or white castle

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Coffee always works for me.

The thing that worked for me was stool softeners and less iron :slightly_smiling_face:
Also apple juice lol like pure apple juice

Fiber hardens stools not loosens

Sauerkraut. Or. Green. Grapes

Prune juice! When I was pregnant with my twins I had it awful. All the fiber supplements they threw at me did nothing but good old prune juice did :blush:

Up your raw veggie and water intake. I would also talk to your doctor.

Have you tried natural calm??

Lemon juice squeezed into hot water with honey the first thing in the morning.? Kinda like lemon tea. Natural calm? Celery juice in the morning?

Apple sauce and stewed tomatoes… need fiber …water too

Prune Juice
Metamucil taste gross but should help
Stool softener without senna

Just increased water fruits and vegetables

Prune juice , probiotics lots of water all day

A bowl of oatmeal every morning! Real oatmeal… not microwaveable packs

Oatmeal for breakfast , stool softeners. It is probably the iron tabs ir prenates but you need them. Try juice.

Plenty of water. Also fresh fruit and veggies as snacks. Try drinking some prune juice.

Sweet ones prunes or some coffee worked for me

Prune juice and lots of water

6 prunes n a glass of water just before bedtime every other day or two days depending on how you feel…

Orange juice and lots of it.