What can I do for acid reflux?

So what are good ways to help acid reflux?? I’m 27 weeks pregnant n literally had a got flash n acid reflux n resulted in me puking everything I’ve eaten today up… This is my 2nd pregnancy do yeah ik it happens I just want to know what’s to help it never had this with my 1st pregnancy lol I have been taking tums like they are candy lol TIA


I took Protonics. It was a LIFESAVER and perfectly safe for the baby

Sugarless gum helped me

My doctor prescribed zantac but every woman’s body is different. I know you can only take like 6 tums a day though.

My doctor prescribed me zantac 150 mg I take twice a day because I have it bad

I took zantac. One pill every 12 hours as needed and was a lifesaver.

I take 40 mg Prilosec a day. I have stomach issues to begin with but pregnancy exacerbates it badly.

Pickles believe it or not work wonders I had heart burn so bad with my son couldn’t even drink water without getting it

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Milk helps it. My first acid reflux attack happened in the middle of the night I was gasping for air and I got up and drank a glass of milk and it went away

This sounds gross but it works, I did it. When ur acid reflux starts go get a shot of apple cider vinegar. Don’t sip it take it all n one shot but I promise it works

My doctor gave me protonics and zantac, worked amazing.

I took Zantac 150. I had a prescription because i was throwing up so bad from it daily.

I had the worst acid reflux the second half of my pregnancy. Water gave me freaking heartburn. I suggest the chewy tums over the regular ones, because they last longer, and Zantac. Also, lay on your left side as the acid has to work against gravity to go up to your esophagus.

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The skin of cucumbers worked great for me. My grandma told me to try it with my first baby and it truly works and also try laying on your left side with your head elevated a little bit that also helps me and im due in 24 days and I was going through the same thing until i remembered what my grandma told me.

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Zantac 150mg 30 min before breakfast and 30 min before dinner

Tums are fine but talk to your Dr they will provide a script for Zantac mine had too even Milk and water gave me heartburn during pregnancy

I take a shot of dill pickle juice…im on baby #4 and am having my first bad case of acid reflux…iv had it in previous pregnancy but usually was due to what i ate…this time around anything and everything sets off my acid reflux…

if you want a natural remedy take filbert nuts and put a few in your mouth and chew them up really good til pulverized and the oil is released from the nut. That was recommended by a midwife

Milk helps, there is also a supplement (at the store with digestive meds) that you can take before eat and it did wonders for me.

I had to take zantac every 12hrs on the dot. Nothing I did helped besides that. I was even taking it during labor cause it was horrible with each contraction.

My doctors told me to take otc prilosec. They told me nexium didn’t have enough studies to prove it’s safe during pregnancy, but prilosec is. And I took liquid antacid for the quick relief. Also, I got a zantac prescription as well. Made it better but didn’t cure.

Make sure the water u drink is pH balanced!!!

1/4 cup water 3 teaspoons banking soda

My dr prescribed omeprazole and tums it worked wonders

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Ask your doctor for something. That’s what I had to do, because it is so miserable! Especially during pregnancy


Thank u everyone I will try those things also I apologize on the way my message sounded I didn’t spell things right and my punctuation is god awful lol… I was in a rush typing it cause my 1 year old was trying to rip everything out of the bathroom lol

Again thank u and I didn’t know u could only have up to 6 tums a day my old Dr told me take as many as I want usually 2 at a time would help for a while

I got medicine from the doctor that helps. I take it 3 times a day bc it’s sooooo bad. But since medication I don’t get any. Just request meds from your doctor

Baking soda and water… Im telling you i keep that muxed in a bottle of water and take a good gulp of it and heartburn is gone

I know this is going to sound weird but mustard helps and so does popcorn :joy:

Old times put baking soda on the roof of mouth@drink water@slowly down the baking soda on the roof of your mouth

It work!0I did it the other day once your get the hang of drinking slow the baking soda slow.It works.