What can I do about thinning hair?

what do you mamas do about thinning hair? mine is getting so thin and idk why


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I use the generic rogaine sold at Costco once a week. I use a cap full of foam and brush it in, leaving it in overnight. I wash my hands really well after each application. My hair dresser recommended it and my doctor gave me the ok to use it.

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Consult your dr. Could be hormones. If your hormones are out of wack lots of times hair falls out and or thins. You may need a prescription. Yes these at home remedies can work for some but definitely not worth the wasted money if there’s underlying issues.

See a Dr to be sure theirs not an underlying issue going on first. Your hormones could be off balance.
But I dont wash my hair daily, I hear it’s a controversial topic, but really shampooing too much isn’t great for the hair. Atleadt I see a huge difference for myself. Don’t use conditioner when you shampoo, find a good serum to use after you’ve washed and apply to the stranf ends while it’s wet. I use miracle 10, i love it. Conditioner weighs hair down too much and creates dullness.
I love dry shampoos! It helps those in-between times and adds volume to your hair too.

First off, see a doctor who cares and actually listens to you. I hate those Kaiser doctors that just try to get you in and out as fast as possible. Could be age related, stress, work, hormones thyroid. All if them all require a different treatment.

Ginger tea tree and peppermint essential oil on your scalp everyday mixed with a carrier oil like argan

Biotin!! My hair started thinning after bypass surgery… doc told me take biotin. It worked for me

A good quality liquid collagen.

Smashed up prenatal vitamin in my shampoo really helped it grow quickly & a shiny, thicker feeling too

Certain medications side effects is this, :woman_shrugging:

The best thing I ever used on my hair is caster oil. I had a problem plucking my hair out from anxiety and this made it grow so fast. It’s also the main ingredient in those lash and brow serums. My hairs 3 feet long now.

Did your mother have thin hair? Sometimes it is heredity.

Rosemary water on roots 30 min before you shower.

See a Dr and get your hormomes and vitamin levels checked. If you take birth control, it can cause hair thinning. So can other meds.
Staying hydrated, avoiding junk foods can help. Plus, biotin and collegian.
But getting your levels checked should be priority. Taking or using anything won’t help like it should of there’s something else you need.