What can I do about sciatic nerve pain while pregnant?

What can I do with sciatic nerve pain while pregnant? i swear my baby is grabbig it…it hurts so bad


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. What can I do about sciatic nerve pain while pregnant?

OUCH, I remember that pain when I was pregnant and my son was sitting on my sciatic nerve. I used a heating pad, Tylenol and did the stretches.

Ive been going to a chiropractor even before being pregnant and it doesnt seem to help that much for me… I did try a pregnancy belly band and that kind of helps. About to try the spider tape as well

Yes it was the worst pain ever :frowning: see a chiropractor and also tylenol and roll on a tennis ball…heating pad too


I ordered a massage trigger point cane from Amazon. Google it. I put some padding on the ball point and boy, I could use that thing! It’s still working for me

My daughter had the same issue when she was pregnant her doctor sent her to physical therapy. It helped her.

I saw a physical therapist, tried stretches, Tylenol, heating pad, tennis ball…just be prepared that it doesn’t necessarily go away right after you give birth. 5 weeks pp and it’s still bothering me at times but finally getting better.

Chiropractor! It was my saving grace while pregnant!


When pregnant with my daughter she laid on the nerve

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Chiropractor was my best friend while.prego

Chiropractor. I was going 2-3x a week sometimes cause it was so bad.

Chiropractor. Saved me with my second pregnancy!

Prenatal yoga/barre workouts.
Nourishmelove on YouTube is great!


Chiropractor can help SO much!

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Tennis ball, I have a back injury and this helps me every time it flares

Literally nothing worked for me. Nothing at all. Dealt with it for three months & my job was physical. I came home & just cried everyday because of how bad it was.

sitting on a tennis ball on the side thar hurts, massaging it in

Warm epsom salt bath

Physical therapy saved me.

Look up sciatic nerve stretches. They’re very easy and gentle. The one that works best for me is to lay on my back with one ankle on the opposite knee, then gently pressing the bent knee downward.

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honestly, chiropractor helped me a lot with my first… my baby wasn’t turning cuz my muscles were so kinked & I was in so much pain… I did it with my other 2 also…

Pregnancy spider tape or a belly band/ belt or supportive tops/ shorts/ pants.

Vibrating ball massager. If you need a place to get one I can help you out! It works for your back, feet, and neck.

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Go to a licensed massage therapist who is CERTIFIED in prenatal massage. I put that it bold because a lot of therapists a copy pregnant clients without actually being certified to do so. Also you can put an ice pack on your hip/butt area. Do not use any heat it will only inflame the nerve & cause more future pain. You can also try seeing a chiropractor.

Mine got so bad I couldn’t walk. A chiropractor got me walking again in one day. And I’m not a fan of chiropractors lol

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Heating pad,hot showers&baths,vicks,stretches of the back,and a massages(someone who knows how to handle someone prego)

See what stretches you can do and speak with a doctor about it. I had the same issues while pregnant. I feel the pinch in my hip and sometimes my whole leg would give out.

Hot baths they helped me out during my pregnancies.

Tennis ball in ur back

There’s a pressure point for the sciatic nerve in the upper center of your butt cheek. Lay on the floor with a tennis ball or baseball (depending on your level of comfort – one is soft, the other is hard) on that spot. I try for at least 30 seconds.
The pain is intense, but so is the relief when you remove it.