What can cause a period to be late/early?

My periods have always been regular…this last one however (2 weeks ago) was 3 weeks late! and I am unsure why…it ended 2 weeks ago and now today I am cramping and spotting like my period is about to start again…i do not have a doctor here but am looking was just curious if this happened to anyone else?


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Stress does this to me all the time

My thyroid and stress has mine irregular.

Stress does it. Endometriosis does it too.

Alot of questions? How old.are you? Could you be pregnant? Are you on birth control? Have you had sex recently? I cannot answer this without knowing more. So sorry. Get to a dr please. Could be cists or alot of things.

Stress, weight loss/gain, illness, change in routine, synching with another female, perimenapause, hormone imbalances, the list goes on


Depends…could be many things: perimenopause, hormonal imbalance…
get to a physician.

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Or implantation if you’re pregnant


Having had Covid or the Covid vaccine is causing this in many of my patients. There is a lot of research out there about this and Covid.


Stress, miscarriage, pcos, endometriosis, and other more serious issues…if it’s been a while since you’ve been checked, it’s definitely time to make an appointment to rule out any serious issues. Make sure to keep notes and a timeline of any symptoms for your doctor. Praying it’s nothing serious :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Was it heavier or longer than usual? Perhaps an early miscarriage.

It could actually be quite a few things. If it keeps happening id see a dr and have some testing done

My issue is stress so it may be the same with u

Can be stress or cyst

Late ovulation can cause your period to be late.

Stress , thyroid , pcos

Changing cycles possibly

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Mine does this, my cycle actually fluctuates according to the season and the amount of stress I’m under, and having endometriosis doesn’t help it either.

Like 49 different things. Ask a doctor

Stress, exercise, dieting, medication

It depends on a lot of things. Stress, hormone imbalance/PCOS, other health issues… Talk to your doctor

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Did you take a pregnancy test? You could be pregnant or have a chemical pregnancy or are miscarrying

A lot of things, stress, extreme food change, when or if you ovulated. Pregnant, Miscarriage, breastfeeding, new birth control. Even sex can throw that off.

Have you been seen for possible PCOS?

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Anything can change your cycle

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Would appear you last one was late for whatever reason and this one is around the time it’s supposed to be regularly
Literally anything can disrupt a menstrual cycle (seriously ANYTHING) it’s only really an issue if it continues but it doesn’t look like it is

Most likely due to your hormones. Everything goes back to dang hormones not acting right. :expressionless:

Could be many things. The most common would be stress


Could just be ovulation. Some people feel theirs… could be a million things, but if you had a period 2 weeks ago you should be ovulating now.

All the years I was doing this.

Can be any number of reasons. Stress,whacky cycle, vitamin issues, thyroid issues,pcos, diet, meds, etc the list goes on


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Could just be your body changing.

Your period can switch phases, throughout your life, when I first started as a teen it was always beginning of month as I aged, it moved throughout the month. Look into it, probably you are fine. Ask the gyno.

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Have you given birth within the last year?
Are you on birth control? If so…what kind?
Have you been under more stress than normal? Started or stopped any medications?

When it comes to menstrual cycles, they can be affected by a lot. It’s not surprising when you think about how the cycles are based on hormones and so much can affect our own hormone balances.
That said, if you’re really concerned and there’s no likely culprit give your doctor a call just for reassurance.


Stress, weight fluctuation, hormone imbalance, taking the wrong birth control for you, exercise level, diet, health issues… anything, really.

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Stress, diet, exercise, pregnancy, sex, cysts, hormones as a result to the rest. Literally anything :rofl:

Stress is usually a factor

depends on your age. Could be menopause even if you are in early forties. Or like someone else said stress.

My pcos does that to me.