What can cause a negative pregnancy test?

Okay mamas anyone every take a test 3 days after a missed period and it came back negative? Could I still be pregnant? Anyone eles experience this. when should I retest?


I don’t think you are pregnant but test again in a week with your first morning pee !

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Wait a few more days and try again. It could be a false neg. It happens.
Pee first thing in the morning!!

Wait 3 more days if no period test again.
Probably not pregnant tho

I took 7 tests before I got a positive one and I was already 9 wks prego.

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I’m on no birth control and my husband and I are trying for a baby

I took a test before I was even due and it came up positive. I’d say just keep having sex and try not to stress about it

I took a test 5 days after missed period and it was really faint positive.

I was pretty sure I was pregnant, but the test was negative, two weeks later it was positive. Sometimes you just have to wait cause it’s too early.

Wait a few more days…with a first response test…if it’s negative again then your not. Goodluck :slight_smile:

I was 15 days late for my period Took 4 test when I was trying for my second and wasn’t pregnant, I never had been late and. Had been off my birth control for months

I was 3 weeks before i got a positive urine. Only found out from a blood pregnancy test. My doctor told me your beta levels need to reach over 100 sometimes before urine will detect it. Id wait a couple of weeks and test again, if still late!

Are you using the first urine of the day. It had the most concentrate of hormones.

Yes, I had a missed period for 2 weeks and tested negative. It took almost a month for a positive test, now I have a 7 1/2 month old happy boy!

I mean you could possibly be pregnant…wait about a week and it says to use your first pee of the day… do you have any other symptoms?? See I had q problem once where 1st one 2as positive , second one was like kind of had the pregnant line but was very very faint so I went to a dr… to get veriticaton

When I was pregnancy with an ectopic it took me a full week and a half after a missed period to get a very faint positive. If you really want a definite answer ask your doctor for blood work.