What can cause a late period but negativce test?

My period was due Weds. Today still no period. I took a test yesterday and it was definitely negative. I don’t feel symptoms of either a period coming or pregnancy. It’s not normal for me to be late, if anything the past few months my periods have been early. We haven’t been preventing pregnancy, but this cycle will be a wash I think because our schedules just didn’t seem to match up. What is going on with my body?? Is it possible to not get a positive test on a home test? I’ve been pregnant before and it showed up on home tests. Could I have possibly ovulated like a week later than usual? I just don’t get it!


I’m 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant today. I took a home test and it was negative. Later that day I took a test at the doctors office and it was positive!

Anything is possible.i actually hear the most reliable test seem to be the ones from the dollar tree. I would consider making a doctor’s appointment many things outside pregnancy can stop your cycle.i know I would use a pink dye pregnancy test over a blue one if that’s negative definitely see a doctor. Good luck

I ovulate a week later in my cycle so I can’t get a positive until I’m at least 4 days late.

We aren’t doctors. Go to one.


My period was just 11 days late, four negative pregnancy tests, period came, lasted three days. And after ending a week ago i spotted for two days.

mine didn’t show a positive till I was ten weeks with my son that’s when I took the 3rd test

I don’t know. Maybe you were stressed or something. Back in Jan I was 4 days late. I take birth control, but since my stillborn in june 2018 my period happens a week before the placebo pills. This time I was 4 days late on the placebo pills. I had a blood test at 3 days late that confirmed I wasn’t pregnant. You could go get the blood test if you’re worried. Or wait every few days and take a test until your next missed period if you don’t have a period before that.

We cant tell you if your pregnant or not. It is possible that you are even after a negative test. It’s also possible that your period is just late. If you want to know for sure go see a doctor.

I no someone that didn’t have a period and tests was showing negative even a blood test at the doctors was negative by the time they sent her for a scan she was 6 months along anything is possible and if ur only a few weeks pregnant it won’t show up yet even a scan u have to be stleast 5 weeks pregnant to see anything take another test in a few days but if u do get bad pain then go straight up the hospital

I was 13 weeks pregnant before I got a positive. Had 2 periods.the third was late…

Wait a week. If still no bleeding, take another at home test. If negative you’re not pregnant. If positive call and make an appointment.

Some peoples hcg levels stay quite low till later in the pregnancy. Didn’t show up that i was till 3 months with my eldest 2, and 5 months with my last. If you’re worried, got to the doctors and explain it to the gp, they should do a urine stick test and also send you for a blood test.

My period came 50 days late once… I have PCOS though, I think u should wait until ur period is 2 weeks past due and take another test, if still negative, go in and see ur dr and ask for a blood test and scan to see what’s going on. Good luck x

Our bodies are one big mystery

Red dye tests are the best. I took dollar store one with my first 2. And then I took a blue dye one early response I think was the brand and. It said positive after 4 days. If you’re really. Concerned call your dr. Sometimes stress makes them not come too.

I went through something once where i gained to much weight to fast plus stress on top of it stopped my period. Had to see my OB and get pills to start my period again.