What brand of bottles should we use?

My daughter is three months old and has Gerd, Severe acid reflux, And strider, which makes it difficult to feed. We currently use Dr. Brown’s bottles, but she is still getting too much air in. I need suggestions on other bottles that really cut down the air intake for her. Any suggestions are much appreciated.


Are you shaking the bottles? I have to stir mine good and then put the lid on.

I tried all the fancy anti colic/anti air bottles. My son ended up doing best on the cheap Walmart brand regular bottles. Wasted a ton of money buying expensive bottles and those cheap ones ended up causing the least air intake and the least amount of reflux symptoms.

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We use Difrax, not sure about availability globally though.

If you shake you have to let it set for 5 min and take cover off and back on before giving. Dr brown is one of the best. You could try the drop ins and push air out of the bag before giving

I’m not sure I found any bottle that helped that. My pediatrician said that babies don’t have the stomach and esophagus developed well enough to prevent spit up and that acid reflux for most babies will relax after 6-8 months, particularly after starting solids. It’s normal for it to occur, but if she is in pain often like my baby was, you can get an antacid prescription to help with the discomfort. Right now my daughter is 5 months old and has been on Fomatadine, .5 ml a day. It has helped so much with her discomfort and while she still vomits or has reflux, it has helped her discomfort. We also use Como Tomo bottles, but that was simply because it’s silicone and was an easy transition from BF to formula. We also switched to Similac for Spit Up with rice starch which helped a bit (no cereal).

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I LOVE Maam. Come completely apart, microwave sterilizable, easy to put back together.

Advent bottle or platex with drop ins you let tge air out of the bottle by pushing it out of the bottle


Playtex bottles with bags

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Advent was great for us. I had a colic baby for 4 months

Maybe it’s not the bottle maybe you need to change the formula

Lansinoh are wonderful! You can get them on amazon. For my daughter they where the only ones that worked. They also have slow, medium, and fast flow bottles.

Podee they have a hose so she can sit up when feeding her

Mam was the only thing that worked well with my son, besides switching his formula 8 times I think we switched bottles 10 times :sweat_smile:

Everyone’s wrong!! Its comotomo bottles! That is gonna be your TOGO bottles por vida

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Use MAM ! Best brand ever!

Not sure if you guys use gas drops (mylecon?) But whenever I have my babies bottles I had to put a couple drops (1 or 2) into a bottle and then shaking does not create foam or bubbles. Helped mine. Though mine didn’t have any medical struggles so I don’t know if it will be helpful

We use Tommy tippie and love them

Also, feed her on her side. My son had the same problem and was admitted to the ER. They used Dr. Brown bottles and feed him on his side. He started to keep his food down.

Dr browns bottles 110%

Playtex ones that are a bit on angle worked best for my son

mam bottles better than anything

I used Phillips Avent Baby bottle. It helped her acid reflux.

I ended up using the old school playtex bottles with the bags. After spending hundreds on bottles.

MAM is by far the best!

Platex with the bags were the only ones that helped my daughter who had severe silent reflux. So severe she had quite a bit of damage. Easy to get the air out

Vari flo teats are good to, my little boy found size 1 to hard. With variflo he controls how much and how fast…

Those bottles suck! I will never buy again. My baby had gas so bad from them

They have new avent bottles out go to avent.com they have bottles that now prevent air from going into the nipple.

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Dr. Brown’s, they also make a formula pitcher that allows you to make formula ahead of time and it will have little to no foaming on it. Both of my daughters had severe reflux.

Dr Browns(blue) worked for us…They make a Green colored one also that seemed a bit better :baby_bottle: :baby:

Try a different nipple size on the Dr Browns bottles before investing more money into bottles!

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Both my kids had colic and bottle feed what worked was get the gas up so sitting them up after feeds for 30mins and lying down on their tummy walking them around outside or inside its was so hard but after 4month old they were fine as the could sit up a bit better

We use mam!!! They are great!

I love these… silcone so when baby sucks it deflates and so easy to clean!

Try a slow flow nipple for bottles and sit her upright when feeding. And burp every 2 ounces.

Tommee tippie bottles

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Mam bottles by far i started with tommee tippie for ny little girl but she started havin teouble getin her wi d up and with reflux switched to mam and helped so much x

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My dr thought my daughter had the same issues almost… It turns out her nipple was just fast for her and we gave her a slower nipple and the gas and acid reflux stopped…

Bottle that take bags, you can skeeze out the air

We had preemie twins born at 32ish weeks. We used Dr. Brown bottles with the slowest flow nipples for one baby (Enfamil soy formula) and Enfamil AR formula (rice additive) for the other that had horrible acid reflux (a little bigger nipple was required for adequate flow with this formula). We also used Mylicon to help with gas bubbles in the tummy… we also took a break to burp them about halfway through feeding.

One of my daughters required an elevated sleep foam bed. So we’d strap her in like Hannibal lector, but it remedied her reflux issues. :grinning:

We used Dr. Browns but I kept my little on a preemie size nipple (all the way until he was a year old!). He was projectile vomiting all the time until a friend suggested I try this and it worked!

Bottles with the bags. They can drink it sitting up. It doesn’t have to be tipped up. A little more of an inconvenience but no air.

If its a matter of her drinking too fast that causes the air intake issue when she eats, try switching to a bottle designed to either imitate breastfeeding or try a newborn/preemie flow bottle so it can’t be drank as fast. Playtex makes some great bottles with inserts that reduce the intake of air, mam is a great brand and so are Tommie tippy

Avent bottles are great! My baby (7weeks) loves them. They are designed just like the breast- my baby doesn’t get confused like hospital staff said she would.
No gas, flows slow & very minimal spit ups


With four of my kids I used the playtex air vent. My first baby had colic and they were the o oh bottles that reduced her spitting up. With baby #5 I was gifted a n avent pump so I got avent colic bottles and they are working well. I notice some people lay baby back when they feed from a bottle and for my kids that is a key thing that built up gas. So I sat them up and would feed them by tilting the bottle up.

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I always the the playtex with the liners. It helped with air bubbles and if the bottle wasn’t tilted totally right, they weren’t sucking air.

My LO has the same issues we had really good luck with tommee tippee bottles but did like the avent ones

My son had both of these along with laryngomalacia. I used Playtex ventaire and acid reflux meds. PLEASE BE AWARE THERE IS A LINK BETWEEN CHILDREN WITH GERD AND SIDS. IT IS NOT A DIRECT CAUSE BUT MOST KIDS THAT DIE OF SIDS HAVE GERD.
When babies have gerd and are sleeping the acid can come up and cause the bodies defense mechanism to hold their breath. I was in and out of children’s hospital with my son. Antacids literally saved his life.


I used br brown but through they weren’t doing any good so changed to nuk bottles and he was great with them, hope u get her sorted and settled for u soon,

Avent the best bottles, teat is designed like a breast baby dsnt swallow air…

My daughter came out if the nicu and had strider and we used dr browns but with a ultra preemie nipplr and then preemie as she got bigger.

I absolutely hated Dr Brown’s and did not see the appeal that everyone else does. I used Phillips Avent and Playtex Ventair and I really liked both of them. I used those 2 only with my first. My second had some severe reflux issues and we decided to try Dr Brown’s which made it worse so I went back to the ones I knew and trusted.

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Playex Ventair worked wonders for my baby with severe acid reflux

Both of my kids had severe reflux and Phillips avent worked well for them. hero’s worked the best with my daughter and she got in the least amount of air with them but they’re really expensive :tired_face:

Playtex is a good one . My son had trouble using the other bottles but Playtex worked .

I used Playtex with my son. He had colic really bad, and by using the Playtex with the liners I was able to push out the extra air.

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I did advent bottles as well. Works great. Mine wouldnt take any other bottle type/form :confused:

I heard AVENT bottles are really good, I use evenflo for my baby.

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Its honestly a trial and error thing. What works one may not work for you. I hope you find one that works.

You may need to change the nipple flow size

We loved the TommeeTippee brand!

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I loved using avent natural glass with my LO

My daughter is 5 months and also has the same issues. These are the only bottles that works for her!

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I love the Dr browns colic bottles. My daughter was extremely colicky and those were the only ones that somewhat worked

When feeding try feeding her like your holding a football. Only outward. Both my kids were like this and was told to try it that way.

I use the nuk bottles that have the nipples shaped like a breast. They get less air because of the width of the nipple

Avent regular bottles. Best things i ever found all my kids had it so badly!

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I tried so many bottle but it was a actually the formula that he had issues with. We used alimentum ready to feed and it got rid of most his reflux and air in the bottle problems. We used dr brown bottles.

Look for bottles that are extra slow flow my daughter has severe colic due to gas and painful hiccups. We had to get them for her. Nuk for me didnt work she was still taking in to much air ans drowning herself when she feeds. I use a brand that is extra slow flow you can get them at Wal-Mart i dont know the specific name

My daughter had the same problem as a baby. Nuk works ok but not much you can do otherwise, but if you haven’t yet, put her on Gerber Good Start formula with your pediatricians ok and Similac advance works also. Breaks if needed with lots of burp time, my daughter had to have a one hole nipple to cut down how fast she ate even though she was frustrated. Medication is supposed to help also with Gerd and severe acid reflux, my daughter is on it for life and she’s going to be 12 in March.

Try adding a little rice cereal to thicken formula a little and lots of burp breaks. Feed with the baby high on your shoulder. Don’t let her overeat to much at a time. Trust me. Been going through this with twin grandsons. Helps a lot

I used to use the ones with the bend like an “L” shape cant 100% remember the name but if im not mistaken i believe they were by either playtex or avent. the are designed to reduce the air. that paired with the slow flow nipples.best of luck🙂


We use the como tomo bottles and my daughter seems to be doing pretty good hardly ever spits up i noticed the air intake on the bottles isnt bad either she doesnt seem to be getting air. But my daughter doesnt have colic or any issues with feeding.

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Ask your pediatrician for a speech therapy consultant. They can assess your baby’s suck and swallow pattern and mouth shape and determine what nipple and bottle is best. You can also ask petiatrician about formula options that may help.

Playtex Baby VentAire Complete Tummy Comfort Baby Bottle I use that for my 6 month old and she had that

Playtex with the inserts. You can push out the excess air first.

Nuk and difrax bottles

Get the bottles with bags.

The cheap bottles are the best

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Avent anti-colic bottles

My daughter had really bad had bought so many bottles only works that worked for her were playtex air vent . Tommee tippee anti colic worked also but she spilled too much milk with those so I stuck to playtex.

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Playtex drop ins are the only ones that helped my son. You squeeze all the air out

Make sure you are using premie nipples. My grandson was like this and we had to use the smaller holes or he was drinking too fast.

I know it says breast milk but you can use formula to. They have been the best bottles I found for reflux and colic

Use a premie nipple on the bottle, and pace feed. It will help with gas & acid refux.

Ours had the same thing. We used Avent bottles and Dr Brown. Also, incline any area the baby sleeps in (crib, playpen etc). Ours slept in her swing because it had an incline.