What are your thoughts on the name Augustine?

I have a question I’m debating with my husband. He is bound and determined that we should name our second child Augustine… first or middle, he doesn’t care as long as Augustine is there. I just want to know if I am the only one who isn’t wild about the name. He says it’s a strong, regal, and distinct sounding name. But I can only think of St. Augustine FL or St. Augustine grass whenever I hear the name. He said that if I didn’t like it that much, then Augustas is a solid second choice. Am I just nuts and overthinking it or are the names really a solid, strong option to consider?


I have a boy in my classroom who’s name is Augustus. He goes by Guss. I like the name.

I love the name Augustas but it’s your babies name and you should both have a say and find something you both like and agree on!

Maybe meet in the middle and use August for a middle name


If he’s ok with it being a middle name, I would highly consider it. I don’t think it’s weird, and even if I did, he’s a dad wanting a name for his baby! If he found a name weird but you LOVED it and were super adamant about it, you’d try to talk him into it most likely. Maybe you need to agree on a first name first and then see how it sounds with that as the middle name.


Augustas isn’t bad! Call him Gus.

My brothers name is Agustine Alanzo and I love it. We call him Auggie for short.

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I prefer Augustine, especially as a middle name. Augustus could get a bit tainted at school with references to Augustus Gloop. Not trying to cause division but kids can be quick and cruel with nicknames.
Good Luck…


I had a kid named August… He was call Auggie. It’s cute.

It is a strong name. I don’t think it’s to bad.

As long as he’s letting you choose it to be the first name or middle name I would say keep that name. It would make him happy and you could pick one you like and make y’all both happy.


That’s a beautiful name🙂
When are you due?:wink:

My sons name is ajax (yes cleaning supplies! An my family is slightly racist so I get those remarks as well!) The name is after a god meaning strength. I was never to have kids, miracle happened. Then drs convinced I’d lose the baby…had few close calls during pregnancy…made it to due date…figured for sure one of us wouldn’t make it (I/we were extreme high risk) and he did. And I knew from the start he was fighter. So I held strong to the name. Its your baby! Your choice. I also wanted something different! When I was in school, my graduating class had 5 liz/Elisabeth, 4 brittanys, 2 Jenny/Jennifer, 4 brads and brandons, 2 Alex, and then 3 other hali besides me. It sucked! My son class has a lot of James/Jameson, Lucas, alex, Jeffery’s, hunters. And he is the only on with his. There’s two girls in his class with the only unique girl names too (angel, and iaynnah) and its so cool when their names are called and they know its them! Their faces just light up!

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I’m not a fan. Use it as a middle name.

one of my favorite former students was named Augustine. Be ready for everyone to shorten it to Augie. I love the name! Unique and it fit him perfectly.


I think it’s ridiculous you consider strangers opinions before your husband


Either as a middle name

My grandfathers name was Elmer Augustine…he hated it!

Love it! I wanted to name my son August, but Husband refused!

Auggie is my cousin’s son’s nick name and I think it’s adorable.

I like them both and just August too as a first or middle name

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Might be called Gus.

I think it’s a nice name

I love it. My son’s name is August after my grandfather. I do think it is more feminine than just August but then again, I am biased. :woman_shrugging:

I think it’s a cute name! Older name a little but cute!

If he likes it that much then middle name is a compromise

I love the unique names and wish I had been a little bolder naming my second daughter, now including herself there are 5 Savannahs in her class :joy: we call her Vannah, mostly. I love the name Augustine, though. If we ever had a boy my husband was HELLBENT on the name Fergus :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: it could be worse lmao

My children all have two middle names mainly after family members or name hubby wanted to throw in. I got my choice on all first names, so using as second names hardly a proplem as really no one uses them unless double barrelled like ellie-mae, john-paul etc. Let hubby have a say. If child dosnt like they can change once older

Watching my husband fall in love with a name of our future child always made me love that name even more. I never in a million years though that I would name my daughter what we did, but because it had so much meaning and support from my husband, I felt like this name was meant to be hers. I happen to love the name Augustine. I suggest adding it to the short list and giving it the thoughtful consideration it deserves.


I think its awful, but that’s personal opinion x

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Not many husbands bother when it comes to naming babies. Compromise goes a long way so use it as a middle name.


I like it. Look it up, and hes compromising with a variation and middle name. Why can’t you meet your husband half way?

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I wanted to name my baby august if it was a boy cause I wanted to be able to call him oggy but I have a girl :joy:

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Augustine Elizabeth was my grandmother’s name she was an amazing strong woman.


It’s great. It’s an old name. Let’s bring some of these classics back. I wanted Atticus but ended up picking Preston

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It’s an ugly name. I’m Being honest here. I wouldn’t put a name like that on anyone.


I think you can compromise and use it as a middle name. Its not that terrible of a name.

Personally, it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s also not my child.

I will say that I ended up naming my children names that I never even considered back when I was just dreaming about kids in the abstract. My oldest son is Sebastian, which was my pick. Someone said the name while I was pregnant, and even though previously it was a name that I was not super in love with, it felt right. When I got pregnant with my youngest son, I told my husband it was his turn to pick a name, lol. He thought it over for a good week, and then asked me what I thought of the name Deckard. I asked “As in Deckard Cain, from Diablo?” He kind of sheepishly shrugged and was like yeah. Again, never considered it prior to that moment, but it felt right. I asked him “what middle name would you put with it?” then suggested using Cain, like the character, and so my youngest is Deckard Cain.

If the name feels right, if you can see yelling that name for the rest of your life, then use it. Other people will always have opinions, but they aren’t the ones carrying your child.

I love it! You could nickname him/her August, Gus, Auggie✨It is a very powerful name which is why many people are turned off by it.

What in a name? I have a Phoenix Ophelia!

I like the name Augustine make sure whatever you choose he has a say. I found out through my pregnancy with my second my husband felt like he didn’t have a say in much with the first including the name so I let home have say in our second, he actually thought of the name and I absolutely love/loved it and he is so proud he thought it up.
I guess what I’m saying is sometimes the dads feel like they don’t have a lot of say when it comes to baby stuff until they are born, so give him some say and some control, it’s his baby too and sometimes moms go a little crazy when planning for a new baby, I know I sure did.
ideally it would be a 50:50 l choice, but that’s not always the case.
Regardless it’s a nice name and let it be the middle name if your not crazy about it, at least he isn’t so set on it being the first name he’s willing to flex a bit and maybe you should too. Good luck names can be hard. We didn’t pick our first daughters name until right before we left the hospital.
Our second just randomly came to my husband and immediately loved it.

I like it as a middle name, I think that he’s willing to put it as a middle or alter it shows compromise. I’d do it

Go with it as a middle name and find a strong first name to go with it.
Nicholas Augustine/Augustus
Christopher Augustus
Alexander Augustine
Samuel Augustus
Michael Augustus

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Go with it as a middle name or name your child what you want.

Personally, I’m not a fan of either name but I am a fan of making my husband happy and I’ve always taken his opinion into consideration when it comes to naming our kiddos. He was hell bent on naming our daughter Paisley. I never hated the name though, I liked it. Just didn’t LOVE it. Now I love it for her.
If you really dislike it, maybe try to find something you love as a first name to agree on, and use it as a middle (if that works for you, personally for me, middle names have meaning and are picked after someone). If you absolutely despise it, then I wouldn’t go with it. It’s your kid too and I think you can find a name together you both like.

My partner wanted hercules.
My son is now Cassius Hercules.
I picked the first name. He got the middle.

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I named my daughter August

As a name I think its pretty. And its a classic. Not everyone is going to like any name. My family gives me points for creativity as they don’t hear my names often if at all. I don’t tell anyone outside that their names because I’m selfish.

Not a fan of it. You two should agree on the name. We had 3 names picked out for our 18 month old
Cadence, Emily, and Aria. We talked it over and both loved Cadence.

My best friend’s name is Agustin. We call him Gus for short. I love it.

Don’t like it at all

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Use it as a middle name, I don’t like it but it’s not my child to say. That’s between you and your husband.

At least consider it as a middle name.

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Not a fan.
Auggy for short? lol…
sorry, this name actually kinda makes me cringe lol


Make it the middle name.

I think it’s actually cute and different also if your husband is willing to give his opinion why not let him pick one name and y pick the other my husband named out first child I told him not he names girl u name so guess what it was a bit was I crazy about it no but I wanted his opinion. I say go for it

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I don’t know if you know this but you get to name the baby because he has no rights to the baby until you submit the paperwork :joy:

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There’s a dude in my rez named Augustine. He seems pretty cool. And that’s why he’s cool cause his name. That’s what he told me :wink: jk

He is willing to compromise on using it as a middle name so find a name you both like as a first name.

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Horrible… because I know a man with this name and he’s repulsive.

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I personally don’t like it.you both need to like the name you choose…

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I know two Augsutines and both are nice guys, father and son. They are Gus and Gus jr.

My son’s name is August…I wanted it, and yes it is a regal name. He goes by Augie for short. But at the end of the day, you and your hubby need to agree on something. Naming a child is stressful lol.

Maybe compromise I didn’t like the name my husband wanted for our only bio child together and our last he had 2 prior and we adopted one then we got our miracle baby 11 months after adopting our precious girl he wanted Chevrolet lol I absolutely hated it so guess what her name is chevy Lynn and boy does it fit this child lol I wanted adeline grace or miracle sky but dad won and like I said it fits her personality to A perfect T lol

Meh, it’s a pretty name but if YOU don’t love it make it the middle name. Middle names are rarely used. Just make sure the full initials don’t read anything funny and you’ll be all good! LOL

This has ruined the name

My little sisters middle name is Augusta we call her Gus Gus. She doesn’t hate the name.

I think it’s important that you both like the name.

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Not a fan, but more importantly, you both need to like the name, especially a first name! Maybe August/Auggie instead as compromise?

Does your hubby know he will probably be called Gus, and okay with that?

I love it! I agree with your husband.

I love it :woman_shrugging:t3: unpopular opinion here. I know a few people with that name, most go by Gus.

It’s my daughters first name and I love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Augustine is both my husbands and my middle sons middle name. I wasn’t so sure with it myself because I have an older sister name Augustina that I dont talk to but it was important to my husband. It’s also his dads middle name.

I would make it the middle name keep your hubby happy and you pick the first name

My husband was determined that our daughters name would have Dianna in it after his aunt but I wasn’t excited about it. I ended up deciding I could pick the first name and he could have his pick for middle name. My baby girls name ended up being Quinn Dianna and it’s beautiful :heart:

Take his request and find a name that goes with it. Hell feel included and if you think about it the father doesn’t get to do much during pregnancy so them helping with the name is a big deal for them. Give in and see the pure joy on his face when he tells people I helped with naming him. You won’t regret it momma :heart:

If youe husband wants the name he loves it give it to him. You have the part of carrying maybe its his part of feeling conneted. Even tho he made the baby people are that way just a name might mean more to him than u kno u dnt like it middle name people barlwy ever hear the middle name and he will be happy . Compromise is a part of being in a realtionship

I love older uncommon names. If we have a daughter I will call her Dolores. That was my grandma’s name and I love the name altogether. Augustine is super cute for both boys and girls.

I think of Augustine where Damon and Enzo were tortured for science in TVD iykyk

I personally don’t really like unisex names. You could tell him that . I do believe that both parents should really love their child’s name. Good luck!

I like that name, but I love anything different, unique, or unusual.
It’s a good name.

Not a fan of that name. Maybe make it middle name…

It’s my last name. I don’t like last name as first names. You both should agree. My husband wanted to name our son Cruz but that’s my sister’s last name.

I like it honestly and not very many dads are interested in naming a child so be lucky on that . Me and my hubby came to an agreement on our first sons name I basically picked it and then our second son he named levi Robert. I personally was eh but I actually like it . It’s cute. And I like Augustine it’s pretty and unique I’ve never heard of anyone with that name and he is even saying it can be the middle . Pick a name to go along with it as a middle name if it’s that big of a deal. He is the dad of her as well .

I choose first names with ours and dad picked middle names. We didn’t really decide that, it just worked out that way. I think if your husband really loves the name you can find a first name that goes and you’ll both be happy.

If it’s important to him and he wants to be involved in the naming of his child then you should go with it. It is a good strong name :slightly_smiling_face: I took that into account naming my children. And I like it! You don’t hear it very often.

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My daughter’s name is Lola Mae and my sons name is Vincent Alexander. They both have very fitting names. I like the name Augustine. It would work well as a middle name.

I like both of those names :woman_shrugging:t2:I love older names that you don’t hear often. Like John, Anthony, Josh.

When naming our daughter we decided that if she was a girl then I’d pick first name and he’d pick middle. If she was a boy then he’d pick first and I’d pick middle. Both of you should have a say in naming your child.

I like the name August better and Gus for short if he’s open to that as a comprise…or just use it as the middle name lol. My DF picked out my daughters middle name because I was dead set on the first name choice… I didn’t like his choice but it grew on me…

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I don’t like that name so If I had to go with it, middle name forsure.

I met someone after high school with that name i never forgot it. I love the name its unforgettable.

Maybe just make it a middle name

I don’t hate it, but I’d call him Auggie or Gus. My great great grandfather was Augustus, married to Augusta -believe it or not, lol- and they named my great grandfather Augustus. He married my great grandmother Daisy, and that’s what I named my daughter.
If you don’t like it make it his middle name. It’s a great middle name because it goes with almost anything. James Augustine, Elijah Augustus, Bryce Augustine, Lawrence Augustine, Jonathan Augustine, Daniel Augustine…
Maximo Augustus… that sounds like a Roman Gladiator! lol

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I like it. He is letting you decide they name if he wants that as a middle name let home have it.

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So how would you feel if you were set on a name and your husband felt like you do? It’s not a crazy or weird name. If it bothers you that much make it his middle name. But your husband has just as much say to a name as you do.


My grandmothers name was Augustine Evangeline, we called her Augie. She absolutely hated her name until the day she died and vowed to come back and haunt anyone who named a child after her. So there’s that lol :joy:


Nice name is if you do he will probably be called August😊

My best friends brother was named Augustine James and they called him AJ :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter is Penelope August. I think Augustine is a strong uncommon name. I say yes!

Augustus Gloop… That’s all.