What are your hobbies?

Hello, I’m a SAHM but this got really old for me all I do is clean and the laundry… I have 2 kids one is about be 3 and the other will be turning 1 soon. I really enjoy staying home with my babies, but I’d like to be a little more productive during my day… besides cleaning (which will never really end especially with two babies in the house.) So what hobbies do y’all mommies have, how do y’all pass time, or do some of y’all even work from home and what type of job is it? Id like to have ideas on diff things I could do.


I’m not a SAHM but when I was on leave after my son was born I got house plants I tended to and have always wanted to start a garden of some sort. Your kids could help with that too so it could be a fun activity to do together. I also cook a lot so making meals that had a bit of prep time and cooked for a few hours worked great. Maybe having a habit of making fresh bread (of any sort like from wheat for sandwiches to strawberry bread for breakfast)I have friends who are SAHMs and they do things like nature walks and one who is very crafty has her own online store of homemade goods from cloth diapers to body scrubs to baby clothes.

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My hobbies include taking care of my kids, cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping. Sometimes we break routine and go for walks. Very rarely someone from our family will watch the kids so we can have a date night. An even smaller occurrence is when I have enough extra energy to attend a yoga/fitness class.
I used to be very active with church, I also spent time drawing and practicing music but there’s no time for that these days. More than anything I like to lay around and do nothing while everyone else is sleeping. Being stationary is good.


Same routine every day with me as well. Clean and take care of kids. It really is a job though, laundry, dishes, cooking, grocery shopping, and babies in general. I usually will break housework or doctor appointments throughout different days of the week so I can be busy almost every day. Keeps you from being bored. Hope this helps!

I took my son to the library

I work full time but when i was on maternity leave i would take walks to the dollar store, playground, dunkin donuts etc.


Let me know if you find one. I’m trying to figure out what a hobby is after 9 years. I’m not a stahm I do go to work But that’s all I do and come home and take care of my son. I only have one friend that once in a blue moon we will go to lunch. I’ve become boring as soon as I became a parent I don’t do anything though because I don’t have barely any friends or money to do anything. Then I’m just tired when I get home from work because I work and then take care of.the house too. The only thing I could suggest maybe is to see if.you can go out to lunch with a friend or have them over one day maybe you can spend time with them.

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I read and crochet a lot!

Look for free activities to do with your kids at the librairies, museums, etc

I do my normal housework and my husband got me a silhouette cameo. So during naps, or sometimes I put the littlest in his bouncer, I’ll make shirts, decals, and signs. Sometimes when my husband comes home I’ll go in there after dinner to have quiet time alone and make things. It’s really relaxing to me.

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I had cabin fever. We hit the parks a lot. And the library. Also I worked part time. Work was fun. Like. A social outing. The challenges of work kept my mind sharp. I am a nurse :slight_smile: good luck to you. Have fun. And. Enjoy every second what ever you choose to do x

I have 9 kids so i feel you on constantly cleaning and laundry. Try to find some play groups for the kids, take up coloring or arts/crafts…i do photography when i have time.

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Is it possible for you to work or take up a class a day or two during the week? I consider myself a SAHM even though I do work like 2 5 hour shifts a week. I used to work 40 hours a week and have been at my job for almost 10 years. Its just enough to break up my routine and feel like I’m doing more than just taking care of the house and kids. I also like scrapbooking and try to do that with my daughter. I also find that if I rearranged the house every so often it gives me a new feeling and improves my mood. Being in the same environment all the time doing the same thing is mentally exhausting!

Are you crafty at all? If you’re looking for a hobby there are a ton of crafts that really help with the Feeling of isolation and if you get good you could even sell them and start an online business

Im a stay at home mom. I have 3 kids. 9 4 and 2. I babysit Monday thru Friday. 530am to 3pm. I babysit a 5 mo old. And three 2 year olds. Plus my younger two. My husband works 2nd shift so hes hope to help if needed. I also run a small vinyl business that i usually spend a few hours each evening designing and printing orders. I stay busy from sun up to sun down. On top of all the housework.

First, make cleaning a game that cuties can join in on, then, don’t be afraid to get dirty with them. Play in the mud, get sidewalk chalk & draw on the outside walls & paving with them (quickly washes off with rain), start a garden with them, veggies are awesome cause they can consume their labour. For you, there are so many things to do: phone & PC games, adult colouring, scrapbooking/photo-album creating, stained glassing, paper machet things, spray painting things, using trash to create new things (stay off Pinterest, too addictive). Good luck momma

I am working on building a blog. My goal is to eventually monetize it and use it as a platform to intice book agents to publish me. I also after I have my rainbow baby will finish my degree and become a crisis counselor. :blush:

Pick up crafting or read take kids to story time at library.Go to park play w them.Walk w them.Time go’s so fast.Love@enjoy your kids.Be creative.Doesn’t matter if you have one kid or dozen there always housework@laundry.

I work from home for a company called Vipkid (u could apply if u have a bachelor’s degree in anything, atleast a years experience working with children, good internet connection and webcam and headset) ill give u my link if u want. I take my 3 yr old to extracurricular activities. He does gymnastics and karate. We go to play dates, the park and id like to take my kids to the library. I have a 10 month old too. You could try giving them an art project too or something sensory…mon sand, play doh…or for ur little one u can let them play with cool whip…yummy and easy clean up

Im a stay at home mom to my 1 & 2yr olds who will be 2 and 3 in August. I do cleaning jobs to get out of the house. Also the playground, walks, sitting on the deck enjoying the weather, crafts, etc.

I have an almost 4 year old a 7 month old and im due again in December (as far as i know). And just CLEANING takes up 80% of my time. I wish I less to do lol.

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Baking making cute and fun treats

When I was a stay at home mom I got memberships to different places so me and my son wouldn’t be bored we went to the aquarium the zoo the Franklin Institute and the please touch muesame

I feel you I’m only pregnant right now but still staying home preparing for my little man but you can only clean so much we live in a small house that takes me 5 minutes a day to clean up. With the rest of the time I do crafts for my family or to sell for extra cash I go visit people when I feel like it and when I have my little man I’ll go back to babysiting two days s week for a friend. There’s lots more to do when you stay home then just laundry and cleaning. I’ve got dance classes I attend and when weather lets us we go for walks and garden and all sorts of things. Try a few new things till you find one you like


Care for another 3year old. Company for your kids, more for you to do. Get activities, crafts, take walks. You’ll make $,stll be at home.

Crochet and paint and read! I do light updates in our home too (like painting a room).