What are your favorite glute exercises?

I feel like I’ve been a couch potato for the last seven months. Time to tone up and get in shape. What are some of your favorite and most effective glute exercises?

U can try chloe ting workouts! Go to her website its free. Doesnt take alot of tine but effective

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Trying to find the same except I’m 19 weeks pregnant today and for some reason, this pregnancy had me tired at first now i feel like I have a little more energy :rofl::rofl:

I do squats whenever I think about it… only 10 to start, I’m at 20 now. When I am waiting for my straightener to heat up in the morning, waiting for something to print in my office, getting ready for bed at night, then a few days a week do 15 minute a glutes routine off Pinterest or something. I have never had a nice butt in my life and after a couple months of this I am actually noticing a major change!

Squats squats and more squats!