What are you getting your kids for Christmas?

what are you getting for your 18 month old and 6 year old daughters for Christmas? I have no idea what to get my girls for Christmas! They have so much clothes , so much toys and I don’t even know what to begin to get them. They have a huge family and I know they are going to be getting a bunch of toys and clothes anyways but what do I get them ?


Been too long since I had a baby, but 6-year old: American girl, my twin doll… Both of my girls had one of those when they were younger, and it was their best friend for several years! Any craft kits geared toward the 5 to 8 range, add to your family games collection, dress-up clothes, a tablet (if she doesn’t have one), Barbie, one of the Kidcraft dollhouses, a scooter, things to go with an extracurricular activity if she has any (dance shoes, new glove and bat, etc.) Experiences at her age could be a trip to the spa for a manicure or pedicure, a day at the zoo, taking her shopping, a paint your own pottery class, or a trampoline park!


An experience. Passes to a theme park, a mini vacay in a hotel with a pool, aquarium passes etc.

Experiences. Zoo, aquarium, wildlife safari etc


Board games, jewelry making kits, doll clothes and accessories, puzzles, doll house, bug kits(my girls love bugs and insects), Barbie’s(LoL dolls, rainbow high dolls) play food for their kitchen, dress up clothes, playdough sets, bedding sets

A new adventure instead of toys! Season passes to the science museum, zoo, ect! I’ve made it our Christmas tradition the past few years to stay at the hotel a few towns over with a personal swimming pool/hot tub in the room. Unplug from the chaos of the outside world and get some good quality family time. :black_heart:

It has been a very long time since my girls were those ages but I think I’d do a play kitchen, a dress up trunk with lots of dress up clothing pieces, wood blocks, an art easel,….
There’s also those very cool “furniture blocks” kinds of things- they go together like a little sofa but come apart to stack, build and climb on. Opened ended, timeless toys are my thing!
Of course lots of books too!

Experiences!!! Theme park , zoo, museum etc


My 6 year old asked for a furby, a new jeep to ride in our yard. We usually get new pj’s, books and some most wanted toys on her list.

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gift cards for experiences! zoo, movie theater, trampoline parks, etc. they can make lots of fun memories doing fun things as a family!


Right now…I have no idea what I’m getting my kids. I am so flat broke and struggling my heart hurts. Trying to figure something out.

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Experienced. Get some memberships!!

Matching pj’s, a book each, and a soft toy/doll. Open the pjs on Christmas Eve. This is a good time of year to thin out toys. Either pack them up and rotate later, or pass good ones along to a charity. Not every family can afford toys. This is the perfect time to start some “giving “ traditions. My son started saving accounts for his children and deposited into them at gift-giving times. Something small to unwrap, and money in the bank. It has worked well for his kids.

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Your 18 month old won’t remember it. Don’t sweat it. Get your 5 year olds experiences instead of stuff. Is there an activity they’ve wanted to try? Get them art classes, skating lessons, or tickets to something.

Get them Adventures tickets, zoo , girls day trip, trampoline park
Barbies mermaids are huge with my girls also a hoverboard cart and tablets

A family trip. Gifts: outfit/pj’s. Things to stay busy while in car or plane. Kid camera.

Memories are made and remembered for a life time. Toys and electronics aren’t a must every Christmas.

*To wear
*To read
*To sleep(pjs)
*They need
*They want
*To Do (stem)
*Annual ornament to open on Christmas Eve (makes a great tradition and they leave the house with decorations and a life of memories for their own tree as adult )

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Experiences. Time and attention from you is the best gift of all and will be remembered long after the toys are broken or outgrown. Individual attention and brief time away from the rest of the family can be profound for a child.

For the 6-year old: Whatever you can afford from a trip to Paris or the local zoo. A kid’s play or a Nutcracker performance (a show with excerpts might suit her attention span better than a full length version), indoor water park, kids’ museum, art museum program geared to kids, trip to a farm or petting zoo, afternoon tea at a fancy hotel or restaurant (get dressed up!), a picnic someplace fun, pony rides—whatever’s available in your or her area. Read a kid’s book about a historic place and then go there.

For the 18 month old, an indoor water park, the zoo, a kid’s museum, an open house special day (call in advance) at the fire station or police station, a library program geared to her age group, a fun Rec center class for tots, a puppet show. Half a day with you just playing games and eating whatever she wants. Or just an ordinary day with all your attention. A boat ride, kiddie rides at an amusement park or carnival.

My son has a almost 5 year old and a 1 year old
They usually only got their daughter one gift
Because they knew she’d get a lot from me n her other Mommaw
Same with birthdays

Give away old toys and start a new collection.

Movies, dvds, kids table and chairs, chalk board, sleeping bags, Fort, toboggan, leap frog books, dress up clothes, fish with fish bowl, dance videos, swim passes, crafts

Vouchers for movies & bouncy houses & activities.

Youngest a power wheel with a remote control , oldest wants a new TV he’s 12 and daughter not sure yet because she is complicated lol. We aren’t gonna do the 10-15 gifts as usual . But they will so be getting anything the need as far as shoes or clothes.

Ask them what the heck they want for crap sake … I mean wow

Depending on what stage of development they are at
I personally recommend learning interactive a set of dvds and bath time crayons
(They are non toxic and washable )

My 6 year old asked for a desk in her room to do crafts/Legos she’s also really into Kuromi and Cinnamoroll which are like Hello Kitty characters.

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I don’t usually do toys for my boys cause that’s always what my family gives them and they play with it for like 2 days and forget about it. I’ll do a game for the switch we can play together, sneakers one wanted. Usually something practical. My 7 year old likes going to basketball games

I’m all about a mini vaca and stocking for Christmas morning.

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I like the deal for a subscription. You can pay for it for the year and then they get something every month for the next year. A gift that keeps on giving. I am going to get my son the yummy box I think that he can try out different foods from different places. My son is 12. I am going to look for a baby one that sends like sensory toys and stuff they need for that age. I have a 13 month old baby as well.

Experiences. Zoo pass, water park, stuff like that

You could do zoo tickets or aquarium tickets. An experience instead of a “normal” present.

When I was 8 my aunt and Uncle gave me tickets to the ballet. I absolutely loved it, we got dressed up, went to a restaurant for sundaes after. They also included my sister and cousin. 40 years later I still treasure that experience. Now I have grandsons that age and they ask for movie passes, mini-putt, etc, so we can go out together. Those types of gifts are memorable and appreciated. You can always add a nice outfit to be worn for the event or buy an extra ticket so she can bring a friend.
18 months, they generally like anything. I usually look for fun, educational toys to help with skill building.

Things they can use…room decor, bedding, socks and undies (or diapers for the little). Trips and memberships to places are popular. You can also do a snack basket, art stuff, backpack, and gift cards.
Mine are older. My oldest has a year before college so she asked for a mini fridge, and I’m getting her a ton of books and make up. My son is getting a Disney 100 collectable book, a music keyboard, clothes and shoes, and whatever random things I find. 11yo is getting squishmellows, skates, hoverboard, clothes, books, ect.

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Learning toys, workbooks, books, puzzles

This why I clean out the toy box during the holidays. I tell them we can donate them and to choose which toys we get rid of! Can do Amazon tablet, for learning and cartoons, a new bed set, new toy box even gift cards for somewhere to eat with desert.

Soo glad you asked this question ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I got both my girls luggage, I have a seven and five year old. They got clothes, things for Disney trip, etc. Ask your 6 year old what she wants.

My son is 6. I plan on a lot of bath bombs and bubble bath. Stuff he enjoys yet will eventually be used up

Shop at Fat Brain or Lakeshore Learning. They have STEAM toys! Science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics