What are the signs of postpartum depression?

Mamas. I need some advice. I’m thinking about seeking therapy. Ever since two months ago, when I had my baby, I have had this overwhelming fear of death. It has consumed my mind… Fear of something happening to me or someone in my family. I’ve also felt like I’m losing feelings for my husband. Like everything he does makes me mad, and I just don’t feel the same way for him that I did before. I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. And if it has anything to do with ppd.


Call your obgyn…they can help you !

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Get your OB/GYN to refer a psychologist or a psychiatrist for you. If you are suffering from postpartum depression you’ve caught it early and medication and therapy can help. Definitely reach out because of postpartum depression is not caught early and dealt with it can turn into other mental health issues.

Your hormones are changing a lot right now, you’re likely sleep deprived, and your self care probably isn’t great. The newborn stage is tough! I would definitely seek help; the earlier the better. There is no shame in this, you’re still a good mom, this is a common experience, you’re not alone. I would also recommend gently reaching out to your partner and telling him what you’re experiencing. I went through some of what you’re describing and it was such a relief to him knowing that my hormones were raging and it was causing me to get upset more often.

Get to the doctors it definitely sound’s like you’re suffering from depression. Hope you get the help you need

With my PPD I wanted to have nothing to do with my baby or anyone around me. I wanted to seclude myself. I didn’t want to take care of myself and I felt worthless like I should’ve either gave him up for adoption for just had an abortion. But I never asked for help and it’s made things really hard especially after just giving birth to my 2nd. So if you’re feeling some type of way definitely talk to your OB

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Sounds like PPD to me, do talk to your doctor, and remember your hormones are still not your normal, they are still fluctuating especially if you are breast feeding. As far as you not feeling the same for your man as before you might be resenting him for putting you in this situation subconsciously, which is part of PPD and very common.

I felt many of these same things too! You’ve gone through a lot! All the body hormones and life challenges can overwhelm your brain. I definitely recommend talking to your obgyn!! I’m so glad I did because it helped me get through it. Gave me a better way to balance my thoughts and emotions! :slightly_smiling_face: and just because you may need help now doesn’t mean it’s forever! Take care of YOU! Obgyns are trained to help you! Mine gave me a hug and just understood me like nobody else. Reach out! Sending lots of love to you girly! :grinning: you’re doing great. Even asking this question is a great step!

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Definitely sounds like PPD. Go to that therapy asap