What are the signs of labor?

36 weeks pregnant and crampy feeling and emotional this normal or just body getting ready


Normal…your body is preparing for baby as well…unless cramping gets painful & regular, don’t worry about it…drink some water and relax a bit

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You’re just getting ready to have the baby… you’ll be just fine :hugs:

Normal body preparing… baby still growing and if he/she hasn’t went head down yet he/she maybe getting in that position… emotional is normal to me you’ll be on a emotional rollercoaster for through postpartum as well while your hormones balance back to normal

Normal your body is getting ready

Normal I’m sure I’m like this now currently 30 weeks feel so emotional back ake tummy ake feel so sick :sweat: x

Sounds normal. Hope everything goes well and congrats on the baby :heart:

Totally normal, your body is preparing to bring a baby into the world and it’s a process. Try to relax and don’t stress over it.

Hang tight mama… your body is getting ready & your little one is getting big in there… my last 6 weeks I kept getting a shooting pain from the bottom left of my belly that would shoot up into my boob. Dr said baby probably comfy in a particular position & it may be pinching a nerve.

To this day, every menstrual cycle, I get the same pain with my cramps. It’s actually a nice, albeit physically painful, reminder of her being in belly.

Could be preparing braxtyn hicks get stronger closer to the end keep eye on it time the cramps if they get steady regular or back hurts and won’t go away call dr