What are the signs of labor?

I had my 33 week appointment today & my doctor checked me due to alot of pressure and some pains. She said that I am still closed but baby is engaged in my pelvis. This is my 2nd baby, first was born via emergency c section. Any mamas have this happen this early? I dont know if i should be taking it easy or worried or if its normal!


Mine was engaged at 33 weeks as well. And I have to be induced because she refuses to come lol

Yes baby has been engaged since 27weeks was scarey but all is fine and it’s my 3rd… but it’s also my first time have pelvic displacia … ouchhhhh ugh . Currently 36 and half weeks . Baby is measuring ahead around 39weeks (they wont change my due date either haha )… and cervix is now 3cm ish and bulging sac ha … annnnyyytinmmee

My second was the same then my placenta began to detach early went on bed rest but I ended up going into labor on my own at 37 weeks My water broke as I walked into the hospital. But my son came out healthy.