What are the signs of labor?

36weeks is amazing for twins! I would go to the hospital to be safe! Good luck!!

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That’s exactly what happened to me with my 1st child. I actually thought I was peeing myself… It was a high leak. They have strips that will tell the difference. With twins 4 weeks early… I would go in!

Just because your waters (amniotic fluid) doesnt mean labour but does always mean if you have been left with your waters broken for too long you are at risk of infection, always get checked out and you will either go into labour or be put on bedrest and monitoring until u do

If you’re worried just go to med center & have a check up, I’ve only had single pregnancies so I don’t know about twins but having a check would be my first thought x

Does the fluid leak when you get up from sitting or lying down? When my water broke it was a big gush but it also continued to leak if I stood up from a sitting position

Go get checked. With my first pregnancy I thought I was leaking urine but I was leaking amniotic fluid and had to be induced. And my baby ended up with a lung infection and had to stay in the neo natal unit and had to stay in the hospital.

Ok… I’ll say this once and for all!!! WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK IT OUT!!!
If you think something is happening then go see your doctor… People here can’t help you!

I do not understand why people are seeking advice on Facebook for questions like these. CALL YOUR DAMN DOCTOR.

Fluid comes out, and you still at home??

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I would say that sounds very normal BUT THESE ARE QUESTION YOU NEED TO ASK YOUR DR . WE ARE NOT DR.

Get checked out. Twins are usually born early. Fluid leak or any type should b checked. X

Call your doctor now

Go to the hospital God bless you