What are the signs of labor?

I’d say in the middle on my pregnancy my nipples and areolas started to turn really really dark brown. I’m 36 weeks and just noticed yesterday the brown is stating to fade away and everything is going back to it’s original color. Is that normal for them to get super dark and fade before the baby is born?


You’re lucky they faded before… Mine always take months after to get back to normal!

It’s normal for them to fade before baby arrives. Some mommies does and some takes a bit longer. Congrats on your up coming bundle of joy

Yes it’s normal. Because newborn babies have a hard time seeing color and especially premature babies’ eye sight it not that good yet your hormones cause them to become darker so they can differentiate them easier in order to nurse. Our bodies are absolutely amazing!

Your safe and it is natural

It’s normal. Some mom’s nipples stay dark while others get more light

Mine wete dark at 36 weeks had baby at 37 weeks 3 days and by 2 weeks after delivery- they were normal