What are the signs of colic?

My son is 11.5 weeks and is getting more fussy with bottles during the day and evening i burp him and he burps still fussy he usually ends up taking a break and will finish it eventually he is also not pooping every day. Should I try a differnet formula? Suggestions? bottles usually put him to sleep could he be fighting sleep?

Sounds gassed up contact the pediatrician maybe lactose intolerant…Stool is hard him cranky rub his back in a circular motion and pat his back while you lay him over your shoulder helps release gas

Sound like he fighting sleep or maybe teething and or growth spurt my youngest has 5 teeth coming in at once and will hardly take his bottle and for not popping situation you can try baby prunes I used to have to Feed them to my oldest cuz he had problems pooping

Keep him up to finish his feeding. They need to be on a schedule

try acid reflux or maybe lip tie?