What are the signs of anemia?

People who are anemic… what symptoms do you have ? Ringing in ears ? Dizziness ? I take iron pills I got from Walmart but thinking of what else I can do


I have ringing in my ears. I eat cream of wheat and drink carnation instant breakfast. Increase meat intake.

Exhaustion. No amount of sleep is enough. Shortness of breath. Leg cramps. I can’t keep iron pills down so my hematologist gives me iron infusions. They help A LOT.

There’s alot of symptoms that could occur…I had to have iron infusions. I had some strange symptoms

I just randomly bruise and get lightheaded if I stand up too fast. Cooking in cast iron, eating spinach, black beans, and other iron rich foods will help.

I don’t take anything for my anemia but some signs are bruising very easily and being cold all the time/or very easily… I have tinitis and get migraines often but I don’t know that they are connected to the fact that I’m anemic

Which anemia? I have 9 different kinds

Cold all the time, fatigued, and bruised easily. I ended up having 2 iron infusions. Now I get my iron checked once a month if it’s below a 10 then I have to get a shot. My body doesn’t absorb iron like it should due to stage 4 kidney disease

Exhaustion. Dizziness. Ear popping. More exhaustion. All the exhaustion. Muscle weakness. Shakiness.

I’ve recently been diagnosed anemic. Very low blood pressure with an accelerated heart rate. Fatigue. Dizziness that happens even when I’m sitting still to the point of almost blacking out. Also, muscle pain in my arms, lower back and legs. The doctor did blood test, urine test and ECG. I got a prescription for iron pills with B12. I took them for 30 days and they worked to help me feel better. After my script was done, I started taking a lower dose (store brand). I’ve maintained feeling better. I haven’t been back for the necessary blood work though which I should.

Fast heart rate and tiredness. I was anemic for so long I honestly didn’t notice many symptoms because I was so used to them. Iron supplements aren’t absorbed well in the body. The body does better with iron rich foods. If you take supplements you should take vitamin c with them to help absorption. I eventually had to get iron iv infusions cause I was so low and had to try and take such a large amount of iron pills to make up for it but I couldn’t cause the pills made me sick. So I went to hematologist and got the iv iron infusions.