What are the signs od RSV?

What were some first signs of RSV? My son woke up with a hoarse voice small cough and stuffy breathing and also has some eye boogers. Wondering if it could just be allergies or if it could be RSV


My daughter had RSV at five months old and my son had RSV at eight years old, I had no idea either one had it until I took them in to get checked.


RSV, watch for labored breathing and or wheezing.

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Watch the breathing. If you see their ribs cuz they working too hard to breathe take them to ER. My daughter was hospitalized for days because of rsv

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Take baby to the dr. That’s what they are there for.


I usually don’t suspect RSV until I see their breathing being wonky… hope your son feels better soon. 🩵

Could be croup or a number of other viruses. See a pediatrician. :two_hearts:

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Not sure how old your son is, but my daughter had it at 9 months.

She had a fever that would not come down, wanted nothing to do with food or milk and she hadn’t used the restroom in about 16 hours.

Rhino virus is going around

Runny nose
Fever over 100 degrees
Loss of appetite
Pauses in breathing

My kiddo felt the same way yesterday. Fever of 103. Ended up in the er and dr said strep and parainfluenza is going around in kids right now. Sure enough. He has both


There’s a test at doctors office to find out… even for adults
I had it this last winter
It was terrible!

Don’t ask take your child to the dr. He’s the only one that can tell you what’s wrong