What are the odds your water will break on its own again?

What are the odds that your water will break early / on its own with your second baby if it broke early on it’s own with your first baby? I know every pregnancy is different, im just curious as to how many mamas had there water break both or more times or if it did the first time but didn’t the second. I’m due next month with my second, and mine broke 2 weeks early with my first.

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I have 6 kiddos only my 3rd broke my water :two_hearts:

I have three and my water only broke on it’s own with my first, my other two the doctor did it!

My water broke with my first & my second! My third was induced so they broke my water for me!

I have 4 water broke on its own once

2 out of my 4 kids my water broke on its own. :woman_shrugging:

My first baby did not, she is a caul bearer (born still in membranes) my 2nd, I was placed on bedrest for a short cervix and it popped by itself at 39 weeks and delivered within 30 minutes after.

I went into labor at 37 weeks with 3 out of 4 kids :sweat_smile:

My first, mine broke at 31&6. I stayed in the hospital until they induced me at 34 weeks. With my second. I had a spontaneous labor at 35 weeks, my third a spontaneous labor at 36 weeks. Only happened once for me.

It’s not common for your water to break. Something I never realized till I worked in an OB/GYN office. However, mine broke both times. I was 2 1/2 weeks early the first and 2weeks early with my second!

With my first it didn’t break with my second they even did a membrane sweep and still had to be induced its 50/50 chance

I have 7 and my waters never broke on their own

I’ve had 4 and my waters have only ever broken during labour

My first water broke at 323p and she was born at 803p
Second water broke after I had pushed a couple times. (Super fast delivery. Got to hospital just before 330p and she was born at 354p)

3 babies and never had my water break on its own lol my second I was 10cm pushing and it still hadn’t broke

Mine did at 2:32 am when I was 35 weeks even. He’s my only child.

Both mine did and I had no clue.

Mine broke with 1st. Second pregnancy was twins and it also broke. 3rd pregnancy I was induced and had to be broken at the hospital. 4th delivery water broke on its own while I was in active labor at the hospital (only went in due to contractions and bleeding).

all 6 of mine broke naturally.

With my first I lost all my waters at 17weeks1day and with my second I had to have them popped after being induced twice and it failed twice

#3 out 4 babies broke on its own for me.

Out of 3 babies mine broke on its own w my second child only.

Idk how common but for me my water broke around 6 months wirh my first. No one believed me and i went until 41w until my ob decided to have an ultrasound and check on baby. It was that moment my ob knew he fudged up because i had 1% amniotic fluid. I had 9 more pregnancies after that (not all living 2 stillborn one early miscarriage my water wasnt really my water breaking as it was placenta abruption so it was a pool of blood broke the day it abrupted) 2nd pregnancy water broke on its own while in labor on my own at the hospital. But otherwise living births my water needed to be broken. So 3 were broken at the hospital during induction. Minus the stillborn ive had 1 csection and im not sure how the water part works but it didnt break before my csection.

Mine broke on its own for both, however I don’t know if that is common!

1st -2 weeks early, 2nd 1 1/2 weeks early

My water broke spontaneously at 34w6d with my oldest
Second time i was in labor for a little over 24 hours, and it still hadn’t broke at 9cm and was bulging, the nurse poked it and broke it, I was 38 weeks
Third time it spontaneously broke at 36w
Forth time (twins) I was induced at 35w5, they broke my water when I was 7cm

My 1st my water broke at 34 weeks after a week of trying to stop labor. My 2nd was crowning when the broke my water at 36 weeks or she’d have been born in her sac. My 3rd my water was leaking for over a week and didn’t know I had a small tear she was born at 29 weeks. And my 4th my water didn’t break, emergency c-section at 36 weeks. Every baby is different but they mostly happened around the same time. My body said 36 weeks and you’re out lol.

Mine has broke on its own all 3 times

My water broke a week early on my first pregnancy. The other two my water had to be broken during labor.

My daughter (first) was 2 1/2 weeks before her due date and my son (second) was 8 days after his due date. My other two sons (3 & 4) were both inductions because my doctor missed my first son’s birth by about 15 minutes.