What are the odds of being pregnant on birth control while using condoms?

What are the odds of being pregnant on birth control and using condoms? I feel the same way i did with my first pregnancy. I took a test it came back negative. We haven’t had sex in a couple of months so if i was wouldn’t it show by now?


Honestly it depends how fertile you and the other person is.
My oldest is conceived using both condoms and birth control although it’s very rare to fall pregnant both at the same time there is always a chance no matter what.

Idk. I was on depo. My tubes tied. AND using condoms. I still got pg with my daughter… i wouldnt trade her for anything in the world. But now u have to be EXTRA careful

Well my son is the result of being told I couldn’t have kids and birth control. Legit any birth control method you give me I can tell you a friend who has a little one on it. If it’s been a few months since sex id go to the dr.

It could happen a friend of mine has 4 kids and all were birth control babies. I have heard of many woman getting pregnant on birth control. Nothing is 100% affective unless you just don’t have sex or have a Hysterectomy.

I was on the birth control pills, using a condom and the foam I still got pregnant

I was on birth control and we used a condom plus I used contraceptive foam. I got pregnant and didn’t know till I was 4.5 months pregnant. He was born full term and healthy😊

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I got pregnant on the mini pill. I felt pregnant and the test was negative a few times. I told myself id take one more, then needed to stop and realize it was symptoms from birth control… BIG POSITIVE. i was less than 5 weeks when i found out.

Both of my kids are birth control/condom babies. It can happen. Some are just super fertile.

No contraceptions 100% i got pregnant on the pill with my son.(rainbow baby) Though once you have him/ her you don’t regret it. Tests didn’t show i was pregnant with him till i was 6 months gone and never looked pregnant😂 so maybe take the test in a few weeks or go to the doctors and get them to test via a blood test.

My sister in law was on the depo shot when she got pregnant with my nephew he is going to be 20 in December

Depends on the type of contraceptives, each present different effectiveness, usually before you get on any your doctor informs you of this. It’s possible with any type though.

Its unlikely, but still possible.
Unless you either just dont have sex at all or have a hysterectomy, theres always a chance of pregnancy. I had my tubes completely removed during my last c-section in November, my OB said although very unlikely, it’s still possible to get pregnant even with my tubes removed.

Have you been getting your period regularly in this three months?
Honestly, at three months pregnant the odds of having both a defective condom and a pregnancy test are pretty low.
Our bodies change as we get older. It could be as simple as that. Take another PT, if its also negative id say it’s correct.

BC don’t work for me unfortantely … 5 different kinds and 5 kids later haha
and I like it rough therefore condoms always broke :woman_shrugging:t3: my tubes are now tied haha

So chances are still there but vary for people.