What are the early signs of labor?

37 weeks pregnant and have extremely uncomfortable pressure down in my vaginal area, whenever I get up or move too quickly and sometimes just while sitting still. Scheduled for a repeat c-section at 39 weeks so Dr will not check me. Wondering if this is common or something I should be concerned about.


Your term but are you having cramps (could feel like period cramps) go to the ER since your doctor won’t check

Sounds like round ligament

I had the same problem also around the same time as you, I just had my son a month ago so I remember it like it was yesterday, I know how you’re feeling and I hated it so much. I had A WHOLE LOT of pressure down there but doctor said it was normal and he told me it would probably get more uncomfortable as the weeks got closer.

My dr always checked me and this will be my 3rd c section… could be ligament pain or dilation pain if you are having contractions also.

Me all the time!!! Rolling over in bed, swinging my legs to get out of a chair, walking, sitting, everything :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Doctors assured me it’s normal. Especially since my LO is head down and pressed down lol

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Very normal, I started having the pressure since 35 weeks I thought my baby girl was going to fall down any minute. Is just the baby being very low !

I can’t understand why the doctor said they won’t check you even if you have a scheduled c section

You should call your OBGYN. Don’t rely on internet advice for such a important thing.’

Idk but I’d Get new Dr for next pregnancy.

Take some Tylenol and drink some water if your still in discomfort go to er

Sounds like ligament pain

The dr should still check you. #2 was a repeat csection for me but I was checked as if I was gonna go in for a natural delivery

I had that when I was going into labor