What are some things I can do to get my 10-week-old to take a bottle?

Hello, my first two children were strictly breastfed & down the line when I tried to pump and introduce bottles to them they would not take it, so I did not work…now here I am with my 3rd baby and this time I have to return to work, so from day 1 I have done both breastfeeding and formula bottle feeding. But now my baby is ten weeks old and is completely refusing the bottle. If anyone has experienced this and has had successful experiences, please share with me!!


I had to use a nipple shield to transition my son. It goes over your nipple when you breast feed but it feels similar to a bottle nipple. Might help to get the baby familiar with the difference

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Try putting breastmilk in the bottle. My nephew became horribly constipated from the formula.

We did mam bottles after trying so many… man worked

Id say try every bottle you can. Babies can be picky about bottles

Maybe change the nipple? The flow can be too slow / too fast.

Have someone other than you feed your child with a bottle. It may be the baby can smell you!!!

Try a different bottle. Have someone else give it to baby a few times. And definitely could try the nipple shield too!

there are bottles made to mimic the breast. Try Avent.

Try different bottles, I had same problem and the only bottle my son would take is Ma’am they can be found on amazon.

My son uses tommee tippee bottles, and for his first couple feedings I couldn’t be in the room, try having someone else feed your baby.

This may sound weird but put the baby up to u as your going to nurse and add the bottle nipple make.sure its not a fast flow nipple though so she dont choke. If that dont work right away then start with your nipple quickly unlatch and add bottle nipple but make sure its breastmilk so that the taste dont confuse her . it may take a few times and u may need a breast pad for your letdown when she is in the nipple it may take a few trys but it worked for mine and i used the. Playtex nursers as that was close to the breast as i could find good luck

Just dont give them breast any more. They will get hungry enough and take the bottle. You need to be strong.


Try changing the bottle nipple, and also use a nipple shield when you’re nursing so your baby gets used to feeding from somewhere that doesn’t feel like your nipple. That really helped my son when I transitioned to go back to work. I strictly nursed for 6 months so it was tough he didn’t want the bottle either


Put something sweet on it

Try a different type of nipple. Many are close to being nipple shaped (Playtex nursers for one).

Is it from everyone he won’t take it or just you? My granddaughter’s boy would take it from others as long as she wasn’t around.


Try different bottles, have someone else try to give it to the baby. My 1st had to get used to it from someone else first, but she went through like 5 types of nipples first.


My daughter had the same problem my granddaughter would not take a bottle at all they tried different bottles different nipples but nothing but so they just waited till she was about seven months and started her on a training cup and she’s doing great and she’s almost a year now

My baby done this he was breast fed and bottle fed (expressed bottles and formula bottles). Then for some reason he just stopped taking the bottle. In the end he would only take from the expressing bottle and not any of the other 1s. So maybe you could try different types of bottles, you may find he favours 1 more than others :blush:

I had that issue with my daughter. I started using the como tomo ones and those were the only ones she’d take. If baby uses a pacifier try finding a bottle that has the same sort of nipple at the pacifier. Sometimes that will make the transition easier as they are already used to the texture of the pacifier

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My second refused any and all bottles til 8 months when I introduced a tiny amount of watered down juice.

I had to completely leave my house for my daughter to take a bottle. They can smell their mama and if they can smell you, they don’t want anything else.

Try different bottles with different shaped nipples? I know my son wasnt picky but my daughter was super picky and only took a certain shape. Also some nipples feel a little tougher then some too, not as soft as some? Just a thought could be that they just love mama best lol

Someone else should do it and you should be out the room. He can smell his mama and her milk and wants the comfort. Let dad try or grandma, don’t worry when he’s hungry he will take it when he realizes mom isn’t accessible.

Tommee tippee bottles and mam bottles worked amazing for my son, I started with the tommee tippee then switched after he was 6 months

Nanobebe bottles work like a charm

My child refused a bottle when I was anywhere near, regardless of who gave it to her. However, when I had to work when she was 6 months, she had no problem taking the bottle at daycare. So don’t stress, baby will drink when you’re away.

Breastfeeding and Going Back To Work

When we introduced the bottle, my kids didn’t want it if I was around. See if your SO or someone else can give them the bottle while you go out of the room for awhile. Make sure they can’t hear your voice either. They’re more likely to give in to the bottle if they realize mom isn’t an option at the time.

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