What are signs of labor?

What are some signs that show you are close to going in labor I’m dilated to a 3 and due in 2 weeks


Having contractions that you cant talk through and water breaking obviously was a big sign for me


Girl I was dilated 3 for 4 weeks and had to be induced at 40 weeks because little man just did not want to come out!! When you start having what feels like severe period cramps and you can’t talk through them. They will take your breath away. Those are contractions!

I was a 3 at my dr appointment with contractions, they sent me home and I went back the next morning at 7cm


I was dilated at 3 from 34weeks - 40.6 when I was induced.

My water never broke and I’m on pregnancy #3. Lol. I only had back labor with #1.

I was dilated four for three weeks.

Mine all started with contractions and then my water breaking. My hospital never checks me unless I pass my due date. So I went in blind at the end lol

I wish I went into labour naturally. Instead they induced me with these freakin balloons… those hurt worse than any of my contractions

Frequent Braxton Hicks baby dropped hip and vaginal pain lighting crotch also I was dilated at a 2 for 6 weeks before my 4th decided it was time