What are red flags?

Hi So I am currently 15weeks pregnant to my partner of 3years we have known since I was 7weeks, I’ve had 2 scans within this time and have arranged a midwife also. I have shared my good news with those important to me on my side although he has not told his parents yet & they are most likely the last to know at this stage, this far through my pregnancy I guess it makes me wander why not. We both have a child from our previous relationship this will be our first child together! We’ve been through a hell of a lot and I guess I am just curious as to why he is avoiding telling them, this I am assuming because I have asked and he has an explanation and weeks go by and he still has not told them… Should I be worried. My father tells me this is a huge red flag, is it?..


I don’t think so. I’m pregnant and haven’t told my own father because I know the response won’t be the greatest. More of like a disappointment. And I just don’t want that to rain on my parade. Maybe that’s what it is?


Maybe he is nervous? Him waiting will only make it worse though. Cant change it, maybe talk to him about surprising his family and trying to make it a positive thing


I second KaLee Behrens. Sometimes parents are downers. Maybe hes happy and theres a good reason for not telling them.


He probably thinks they will be super judgmental and just isn’t prepared for the drama it will cause to you both.


It does seem like a redflag to me… Without mire info hard to say though… Like in the instance he wants to hide it and your father is closely there with the 2 of you and have a better background of you 2 he may have suspicions based on that … Yet as an outsider we could all say diff scenarios on it to make it makes sense ‘like hes nervous- or not that close to his family’ but all in all you should read the signs when addressed with your bf and conversions with his family as well. What are you picking up on? Does your dad have a reason why he says that? How many times has your bf put it off?

We told our parents around 10 weeks after heartbeat and we were told all was good. That in of itself is not red flag but I’d want an explanation why.

The red flag is that he hasn’t made a true committment to you yet by marrying you. Hes had time enough to decide if he wants you for his wife. Pay attention .

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7 weeks isn’t that far into it. Most ppl wait til around 12 weeks to tell ppl. Ask him why he hasn’t told his parents yet

There are a lot of reasons why someone wouldn’t want to tell their parents about being preggers such as:

They are super judgemental
they won’t approve
they are estranged

Get the answer from him before jumping to conclusions on if it is a red flag or not. If all else fails get a background check on him and his family to see what he is hiding from you.

Worried about what?
Whether his parents know or when has no effect on your pregnancy and shouldn’t have one on your relationship

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1st he said he wanted to wait till we were in the safe zone, then it was that he wanted to wait and tell them along with a scan photo which we have had for over 2weeks, now he says he will tell them when the time is right. His parents are lovely parents he is very close with his family which confuses me a little. He has put it off 3x now so just a little curious now.