What are pregnancy symptoms?

I know most of you aren’t doctors but looking for when* you experienced this symptom. I already consulted my midwives and have a PT appointment coming up. I am having painful pubic bone pain-technically called symphysis pubis diastasis (sp may be off.) It’s like a dull ache but so uncomfortable it hurts to walk or makes it difficult to walk “normally”. I am not super over weight, carrying multiples, or a super large baby according to 20 week scan. * i am now 25 weeks* All the research i did on my own suggests this is a 3rd trimester symptom to prepare for labor and normal. My MW also said it was odd to have this so soon bc it started around 20 weeks. When did you experience this symptom if at all?


Some people are just prone to it. I have it starting the second i start putting pregnancy weight on. Keep an eye out for nerve disorders later in life, I developed severe fibromyalgia and other issues and the SPD was an early sign but that’s not always the case.

Mine started right around 20 weeks as well my doctor recommends a maternity belt and shoes with good arch support

I experienced it around the 37 week mark until baby was born at 39 and 2 days. It was so uncomfortable. I know what you are going through. Hope you are able to find some relief!

Are you positive that’s what you have. I had round ligament pain from like 18 to 23 weeks and it felt like what you’re describing. If you’re concerned go to the doctor honestly. That’s what I did and they basically said it was normal and it’s just everything stretching and preparing itself.

I had it starting at 14 weeks or so. I also gave birth a month early.

I have it every pregnancy normally starts during my second trimester stays pretty consistent until I give birth.

Comes with pregnancy 💁

I didn’t experience that kind of pain with my first child, but I am 33 weeks pregnant now and I’ve been experiencing pain in my pubic bone, lower abdomen and my lower back. I told my doctor and he said that it is completely normal. He told me to do light exercises when I can. It has helped, but I still experience the pain and probably will until birth

I also bought these heat warmers that I apply to the area at night and that helps too

I had the same issue. My p.t had me get a serola belt. Best thing ever!! It sinches your hips together and keeps everything from moving and getting out of whack.