What are early pregnany symptoms?

I just found out I was pregnant Friday night. I took the test that’s 5 days before your missed period and it was positive. I know I’m not very far along and my period would be do in 3 days now. I’m having cramps and some back pain . The cramps aren’t severe but they are pretty intense . No bleeding though . I’m making my first appt on Monday but has anyone else gone through this. I’ve been trying for a baby for a while and I’m so scared something could be wrong.


Yup implantation cramping and even some bleeding can be normal


Cramping is normal and is normally caused by baby getting comfy. Bleeding isn’t, though it’s common.

I always had cramping in the beginning even some very light pink spotting that’s how I knew even before I took a test. It’s normal

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What they said :point_up: just take it easy for a day or two and don’t stress


I’m on baby #4 and that sounds like Implantation cramps. Sometimes it comes with some bleeding or spotting.

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Cramping is normal! Even some spotting.

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I had cramping too when I first got pregnant. I’d been trying for a year so I just thought it was my period again. I was wrong. And very happy to be wrong. Still, it’s always best to talk to your Dr if you’re worried.

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Sounds normal but a doctor visit is always a good idea if for nothing but putting ur mind to ease…no need to stress the baby that’s what they’re there for…but to me its implantation cramps…I had em for about a week with on & off spotting & I’m 34 weeks & 4 days pregnant with my 2nd healthy baby girl at the age of 33…I tried 17 years no protection birth control & no miscarriage so my 2 are my miracles


It’s just that seed getting comfy! I had the same thing. Congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have a period too.
Just lighter for up to 5 months.
(If it hurts really bad, GO TO DR. ER OR CLINIC ASAP!!)

I had a back ache & period like cramps with my daughter! Completely normal! Congratulations :heart:

See a doctor asap to start all the necessities, vitamins etc, to have a healthy pregnancy. And good luck to you and baby

Sounds like implantation cramps I’m on baby #3 and I had that with all my pregnancies

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Normal, i,did with my daughter at like 6,weeks, got confirmation at 8. Im currently 17 weeks pregnant and had cramping around the same time this go around… That’s actually what made me decide to take a test. Had an ultrasound at 9 weeks to determine gestation since my,cycles haven’t been the same since h.s.

No cramps or bleeding from beging to end & that was both times …

Implantation cramps is what it sounds if your really worried just go to ER to get checked

I had cramping and all signs of my period, the only thing missing was I never bled. I was pregnant! Super normal!

Cramps and low back pain are totally normal early on!! Those were my first pregnancy symptoms with both of mine.

Implantation cramping. Congratulations!!!

I had alot of cramping in all of my early pregnancies unfortunately 2 ended in miscarriages. If it’s just cramps you should be okay, if you start bleeding I’d go in to a dr

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Could be just implantation cramps. Don’t worry it’s normal. I cramped a little bit in the beginning with all four of my pregnancies.

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Normal, swore I was getting my cycle…nope just baby #3. Be aware, your first appointment they will only confirm your pregnancy, nothing starts to be looked at or checked in on until you are 8-9 weeks along, but the first appointment as a first time Mom will be very informative for you so be ready to ask any questions you may have.

Implantation cramps, sometimes there could be bleeding but it should be very little like dots. Every pregnancy is different, I had implantation cramps and no bleeding but so much morning sickness starting at 9 weeks. Just keep checking you’re self every time you go to the bathroom and make sure to not lift things heavy. Congratulations on your baby!!!

When I first got pregnant I had cramps and I thought my period was coming but it never did. Didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was 5 weeks along.

I had the same with both my pregnancies, thought that I was going to start my period

I had period cramps with both my pregnancy its only a problem if you start bleeding

Got these with both pregnancies mama. Totally normal.

It’s normal. I had it with both pregnancies. Try increasing your water an see if that helps! you could be dehydrated! I ended up in the Er twice with my daughter an had no idea I was dehydrated until they checked me so it’s definitely possible!

I had the same thing. I was terrified that something was wrong but it’s normal.

I had such bad cramps that I wanted to throw up. But this is normal and back pain could be from constipation due to the pregnancy. I rushed a friend to the hospital for severe cramps and constipation turns out she was pregnant.

Normal. Even a little spotting while it implants sometimes. I did. Dont freak.

You could be starting your period, or you could be getting the pregnancy cramps that come when your period is due- they can also occur in following months and be stressful if you’ve had a miscarriage before

I had period cramps with my baby boy that I am pregnant with right now i thought my period would come because of how bad they were I kept cramping then I started missing my period on the 5th day of my missed period I went to a pregnancy ceneter I found out I was 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant Now I am 25 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my beautiful baby boy now So some cramping is normal in early period but

Cramping is normal throughout pregnancy due to all the stretching your uterus is doing. I cramped through pretty much my whole pregnancy. As long as it’s not excruciating and there’s no bleeding you’re fine.

Omg after i found out i was pregnant i had the worst cramps ever… Kept going back to the er cause i disnt know what was going on and i was worried about my baby… Well they told me its part of the implantation process of the egg attaching to the walls of the uterus

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Go get an organic food based prenatal multivitamin and some DHA from the health food store (best quality) and drink lots of water. Your body is making changes so you will feel some cramping. No need to worry.

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Listen to some music and meditate on happy thoughts

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Please read this article

You can always get a false negative but a positive a positive. Your egg probably implanting and its cause what seems like period cramps


Normal. Drink lots of water! :slight_smile:

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With my first I had horrible cramps to point I was rush from the clinic to ER to do emergency ultrasound because they thought I had a tubal pregancy. I didnt thank god but what happen was I wasnt hydrated enough and then 2 weeks later I was dignosed with HG hyperemesis gravidarum. I cramped a lot then 2nd trimester I had bad braxton hicks.

I went through something similar and it was an ectopic pregnancy! Be careful, I would go to urgent care right away

Sounds like implantation, you may also get spotting x


Normal just take it extra easy

I had some pretty bad cramping early on in both of my pregnancies. With my son I actually found out that I was pregnant at a doctors appointment I thought I had a kidney infection or something lol so it could be totally fine! Always better to be safe and have everything checked out though ofcourse :two_hearts: CONGRATULATIONS!!

You know I don’t remember excperiencing this but it might have happened. However, my cousin just found out shes pregnant. Shes only about 4-5 weeks along and she said she was having really bad cramping as well. These cramps strted a few days before what would be the missed period. Im unsure if she is still having them but if your not bleeding I would think you and baby are going to be okay. Just get to an pbgyn. Congrats!

Ivs had cramps while pregnant… Drink lots of water and go to the dr…

With both of my pregnancies I felt like my period was going to start. I cramped pretty bad. But it is normal!