What are early pregnancy symptoms?

my periods are never late. me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant with no luck.
my period is 3 days late and the day i was supposed to start I had cramping but no bleeding. could i be pregnant? whens the best time to test if i am


If your periods are never late you could check it now since it’s 3 days late already.
I bought the cheap one from dollar tree. Used for both pregnancies when I was 3 days late both times. Worked good


Let us know the results. Good luck


Make sure u get the test that gives a clear pregnant not pregnant result, instead of driving urself mad trying to make out the lines :grin: fingers crossed

First thing in the morning for the best results

I always have cramping before I start my period. Not just pregnancy can cause a missed period there are lots of things that can. Go ahead and test and if it’s negative wait another week or two then test again and if it’s still negative and you have not started your period then go get checked out by your dr.

Test now. But just know that its not uncommon for your cycle to become irregular once you start trying. It causes a lot of stress on your body, even if it doesnt feel like it

Get the pink die tests they are true i went thur the same thing my period was a month late but I was on birth control for so long that it didn’t cross my brain about being pregnant until he’s friend mention it an it turned out I was so good luck

My period was 3 days late I tested at 9pm and it came up positive immediately… even got pregnant on birth control

I had cramps for a week before my period was suppose to start and the day I was expecting it, I took a pregnancy test. The pregnant line popped up before the control line showed up! And now I have a beautiful almost 4 month old baby girl

Test now. First thing in the morning.

All HCG pregnancy tests work. I found out I was pregnant on a dollar pregnancy test and then took a clear blue to confirm.

My periods are always off so now Ive come to realize that I was about 3 maybe 4 days late for mine when I took 2 dollar tests. They were extremely faint. I waited 2 more days and got a nicer test and got a positive!

I tested the day of my missed period and it was a veryyyyyy solid positive and cramped for like three days after! Test now girl

It varies for each person. Sometimes people get positives before they even miss a period and some people don’t get positives for weeks after a missed period. I’d just buy a couple tests and test in the morning tomorrow and if it’s negative and you still haven’t started in 2 days test again.

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You can check anytime up to 6 days before your missed period but now that it’s late the results will be alot more accurate. I’d go with a digital test so there’s no guessing about lines.

I’d wait at least a week after missed period.

Test in the morning for best results, I was 3 days late when I tested and it was positive. You can buy the $1 tests at your local dollar store they are just as right as the other ones

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Wait for a couple weeks, if no period, then test for pregnancy,

If you’re already late, test now. If negative wait a week and test again (unless your period comes). If you’re having unprotected sex there is always a chance of pregnancy.

I’d say in the next 4 to 5 days… Once it’s been a week late. Sometimes if its too early it won’t show up.

Just remember that February only has 28 days…but best time to test is first pee in the morning

Early detection pg test

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if your late…take it now

You’re good to go ahead and test, get the early detection test :slight_smile: good luck!

Probably at 7 days late

Could be implantation cramps

I tested 4 days earlier but I just felt/knew it.
I’d take a test now if negative I’d take one again 4-5 days later unless you get your period

Everyday after missed AF until you either get a positive or AF comes :joy:

just so your all aware I already have a 2 year old my periods were never off when we were trying with our first.