What age did you let your kids do their homework on their own?

What age do you let your kids do their homework alone or when did they start doing it on their own?


Every family is different, I love some of these comments! Sounds like you all are doing a good job!!!

Preschool. He asks if he needs help.

This is individual child specific and subject specific. My oldest was doing 95% of her homework alone from like 3rd grade on, middle we still monitored heavily into middle school and from a distance after that, youngest is 6th/ middle school and my husband still sits with him every time he has homework but he has additional educational needs.

My daughter has always done it by herself, if she has questions she will ask. The only thing I do is call out her spelling words to her- we do a test everyday- whatever she gets wrong, she writes 3 times

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my daughter has always done it herself since she could read and is in 7th. Her brother still needs his dads help nightly and is in 6th.

They’ve always done it by themselves, if they need help they ask. My youngest depends on me to tell him the answer if i sit next to him while he does it, so he works on it while i make dinner. I check it when he’s done…sometimes he has to re-do it.

My oldest is 15 and youngest is 7 and they both still need help.

My kids always do it on their own and if they need help they ask then I check their work after

When I couldn’t help anymore lol


Always. Why would a kid ever not do their homework on their own?

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As soon as they started bringing it home… So about 1st grade… If they need help they come and ask or big sis tends to help a bit… But once thy are able to read they tend to do homework on their own

they’ve always done it on their own….