What age did you give your child a sippy cup and juice?

When did everyone start their kids on a sippy cup and juice??


I started my daughter on sippy cups and juice a day after her first birthday.

My soon started on a sippy at about a year but no juice. He prefers ice water.

My child is 3, and has never had a drop of juice & if you offer it he says no

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No juice until after they turned 1.

6 months started a sippy cup with water then 8-9 months was half juice half water. Only milk in bottle and dropped the bottle at 13 months with all three of my kids

Hold off on juice as long as possible. My 9 month old currently uses a sippy cup with water.
After the age of one she might get watered down prune juice if she’s constipated. Water and milk for the first couple of years :slightly_smiling_face:

Six months the nuk sippy cups and then slowly taught them to drink from a cup and straw

Juice came here and there as a treat. No need for juice at any age.

Nine months sippy cup and straw cup

Juice after 1 but only one cup a day

Sippy cup age 1 . they are 5.5 and 3.5 and dont get juice. They dont even like it when offered . My daughter takes waterboxes to school :slight_smile:

Sippy cups 6 months though she never took until a year old. Juice is rare after a year old as well.

I took mine off bottles when he started getting most of his front top and bottom teeth (his dads teeth are all messed up so I was trying to prevent that issue) he took it better than a bottle he was about 10 months when all his teeth came in and juice i didnt start tell after he was a year old

6 months (1/4 juice 3/4 water).

Never. I only gave my children water in sippy cups and my daughter started drinking out of sippy cups with straws at 7 months. My started drinking out of a sippy cup at about 9 months

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Juice is full of sugar and empty calories. I never gave my son juice.

He had a sippy cup with water starting at 10 months.

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My girl will be one in five days and I just started sippy cups two days ago with milk and juice

11 months for sippy cup an juice.

My son started sippys at 6 months and I would water juice down starting at 7 months. He only got milk in his bottle and water and juice in his cup. We threw the bottle out a week before his first birthday

My youngest grandson was on half water and half apple juice at 4 months old. It was suggested by his doctor for constipation. And on a sippy just under a year old.

My son started using a regular cup on his own at about 1-2, my daughter started to use a sippy on her own at about 1, didn’t give either one juice unless they were sick…

We started sippy cups at 6 months but he is almost 10 months and we still dont do juice. I dont see a reason for it,

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New AAP guidelines, no juice until age 5

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7 mo soy. Juice/fruit… Full of sugar. Can’t have zero sugar all the time. Depends on your diet and babies diet.

Started silly cups and 1/2 water 1/2 juice at 6 months

I started when the child could hold a cup age depends on the child or you and how much you are willing to spend some people go from mom to plain bottle to pain cup four to sixs months

My son had a miracle 360 cup at 6 months and hes just over a year and has never had juice. Only water and milk

We used the baby juice from introducing solids … Proper juice from around ten months xx

Sippy cup by 6 months but juice around 10 months watered down

Sippy cup? 11moths-1year. Juice? Two years.
Juices aren’t recommended until age two.

We started 360 cup at 6 months. Quit bottles and binkies at that time. We started giving juice at like 1.5 or 2ish? Hes not allowed to have juice very often.

Introduced the sippy around 6 months, but just with water in it. He didn’t really get the hang of it until almost 10 months though. Didn’t do juice until after a year except a little once or twice when he was constipated.

Sippy cup at 6 months. Watered down juice at 8 months

10 months we started 1/2 and 1/2. He loves his juice

We were told by our doc @ our 6 mo to start baby on water in sippy. No juice though. We don’t do juice. Bad for teeth, and unnecessary for their diet.

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Started diluted juice at 6 months in a sippy cup

I don’t know we didn’t have them

Before one and it was a straw cup.

7 months. Our health dept set it as a goal at her 6 month WIC appt

I think juice is unnecessary unless your making yourself. Most of that stuff is nothing but sugar and not make from actual fruits

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I tryed a sippy cup at 13 months but ive never tried juice. Shes now 2 years 5 months and doesnt like juice at all. all she will drink is water

Sippy with baby juice at 5 months. Bottle was for formula only ( couldn’t bf) . Bottle broke at 1 .

6months watered down. 1\2 juice 1/2 water. He decided to stop his bottle on his own at that point so we made his formula in sippy cups. I still water the juice down for my 2yr old and 15mo old

My son never took to sippy cups so I went straight to a regular cup. He’s 16 months and I haven’t introduced juice at all yet. He loves water and I know the min I do, he’s just going to want juice so I’m holding off as long as possible. The AAP says none until 1 years old, and new research is saying to wait until 5 years old. If you are dead set on wanting to give your baby juice, try a smoothie. At least the pulp and fiber will slow down the sugar rush.

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8 months with water 11 months 1/4 juice rest water

I introduced a sippy cup of breastmilk and water and 6 months. Juice in the cup after their 1st bdays.

It depends on the baby. My oldest son was 11 months, oldest daughter 9, youngest daughter 6 months, and my youngest son it was 8 months. 1/2 juice and 1/2 water. My oldest 3 can’t stand juice it’s Water or milk my oldest son prefers just water. My youngest son is 8 months so no idea if he will like juice or water more. But it’s all in sippy cup. Bottle was formula only and still is no exception

First one he was like 5 months but added water to it.

My oldest was probably around 8 or 9 months when I started juice diluted juice in a sippy cup. My 5 month old has had neither yet.

I introduced sippy cups at 6 months, and juice after 1.

We do water and our pediatrician recommended at 6 month no more ounces than what he was eating. So we fed him 2 ounces of food and let him have a sippy with 2 ounces of water. Juice is mostly sugar.

My son was 6 months old when I started giving him watered down juice in a sippy cup

Sippy cup started around 10 months, with water. At 1 yr the bottles were gone and we solely went to cups.
Juice was ONLY a treat and it was watered down big time. Milk and water 99.9% of the time.

Attempted sippy around 9 months… juice like 2 years. It was my mom that started the juice tho… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:love her but was not ready for that

9m, 1oz to 5 oz of water. Gotta get fluids in him somehow and formula is so heavy and it’s hot af STILL where we live.

My daughter is 15 months old and I have no plan to give her juice for years,there’s no need to :woman_shrugging:t3:

I switched my daughter to a sippy cup around 15 ish months, we tried at 1 but it took 3 months to find one she liked. She’s always had pooping problems so I’d give her apple juice around 10 months to help with the poop. Started regular milk at 11 months and she LOVES milk. She normally wants milk over her juice