What age did you allow your kids to sleep with a pillow?

Ok I have a question so my daughter just turned 1 the 30th of October at what age did you start letting your kids sleep with a pillow she moves around a lot when she sleeps?


If she sleeps fine without one then id wait till shes over 2…
My daughter is 20 months old and doesnt need one yet x

  1. He has a full size bed, two pillows and a comforter

1 and made sure it was a pretty flat pillow

3 months. I had to. Bc my son use to spit up. And choke on his vomit so I added a pillow. He doesn’t do it anymore. Hes 2 btw

Not until she was after 2.

I didn’t give my daughter a pillow until she was older but she had issues with her nose being clogged from allergies literally ALL the time so I would fold up a blanket and put it underneath her mattress so that she would be slightly propped up. I just got her a paw patrol pillow a few months ago so she was about 2 when I gave her a pillow but she slept with one every now and then before that!

He would crawl up on mine when he would sleep in our bed but he got his own at 2 when he moved to toddler bed.

Mine were 2 or older

From birth with all 3. Started with a nursing pillow and went from there.


My son got his pillow a week before his 2nd birthday. My daughter is 1 and still doesnt have a pillow. I would wait till right around 2

My son slept with a body pillow from about 8 months on :woman_shrugging:t2: only way he would sleep. Now he’s 14 months and sleeps with a regular pillow. He rolls a lot throughout the night too

6months with his boppy

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We didn’t give our kiddos pillows until they asked for them and even then we found the thinnest ones we could.

My son had a pillow and his favorite small blanky around a year.

My daughter has been using one since about 8 months.

When they started asking for one.

Both of mine had pillows right around a year old.

With my first she was about 15 months, when she potty trained and I moved her from crib to toddler bed. My second is only 6 months and does not use a pillow.

2 when he went in toddler bed xx

Are you wanting to stick with safe sleep guide lines or not stick with them ?

My daughter just got her first pillow about a month ago and she just turned 3.

We let my son have one when he was about 10 ish months old.

Around 1 my youngest son 3 always has a pillow in bed but never uses it idk how his neck doesn’t hurt I’ll lift his head up to put pillow under him but he always scoots down and flops around or he steals mine and doesn’t us it just wants it by him kids are funny

Around 10 months. He was small enough that it was basically a sleeping pad for him

My sons been using a moose or heritage pillow pet mini as a pillow since he was about 8 months old he just loves it.


I never realized so many people waited so long to give their kids a pillow. I wouldn’t want to sleep without one so why would my son? He had an angled sleep positioner when he was a baby and when he outgrew that somewhere between 6 and 8 months he got a regular pillow. Once they can roll over and lift their head there is no reason not to.


We got a travel pillow first to see how he did. He was about a year. He barely used it. When he went into a toddler bed he used the big pillow. We had a big pillow in the livingroom on the floor, he’d lay on the floor and watch tv.

I gave my son a pillow around 1 1/2. It’s just a small pillow (it was one of the tiny decorative ones you get with bed sets). I only gave it to him because he was sick and needed his head elevated a bit, but he got attached and now he won’t sleep without it. I’ve tried switching him to a big pillow, because he’s going to be 3 this month, but he’s so attached to his pillow he won’t switch.

Abc. Alone back crib till atleast one. That’s recommended and not oh I did this and kid was fine gossip. So over 1 your good give the babe a pillow


Since he was born. But we have always co slept. Hes 3 now

Nothing in the crib until 1.
That being said my 3 yr old still doesn’t sleep on a pillow :woman_shrugging:

My daughter is almost 2 and still no pillow. We’re waiting till she’s in a toddler bed because I don’t want her to get pushed up against the pillow in her crib and not be able to breathe. But that’s probably just me being paranoid haha.

I gave mine a pillow when they were old enough to sleep in a bed. I guess they were about a year and a half.

When my daughter started snaging pillows from different places in the house and laying down with them she was about 15 months old but was also in a toddler bed

My son was almost 2 before he started wanting to use a pillow.

When they can sit up and move around without help

Most pediatricians would probably recommend Age 2.
I believe that’s when they are safe to Co- Sleep.
I Breastfed my children so they slept with me, oldest got a toddler bed at age 2.

When they realized we had one and asked for it. After 1yr

He was around a year and a half maybe a month or two earlier. He doesn’t use it tho he positions himself on whatever end the pillow isn’t on 🤷

When they started sleeping in their toddler bed. Around 1 1/2-2 years old.

My 2yr old don’t use one but she loves her blankets. My 3 yr old had one at about 18mos. I think my oldest had one around 3

My daughter has had one since she was 1 but as soon as she falls asleep i take it from under her head and shes 2 and a half.

We started around 7 mo because she got a cold and the pillow helped keep her elevated enough to breath and now it’s hard to get her to sleep without it😂… we did ask our ped. first and he said as long as she is independently mobil she should be just fine.

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My son was in toddler bed before he turned one so that’s when he started sleeping with a pillow

My little girl was 1&half, literally the most flattest pillow ever! X

1 year. My son had been laying down on all the pillows he could find. Than he got a bad cold I gave him one to help with his congestion and now when I put him into bed he climbs on it to sleep.

When my child could crawl into bed with it on her own then she got one at age 2 3/4. At age 2 we started folding a small blanket up so she had a little bit of cushion but not a full pillow.

if you want her to sleep with a pillow but are nervous about it my advice stick it under her fitted sheet that is what we did.

My daughter has been since she was born

My daughter didnt get a blanket or pillow until 2, she’s almost 3 and I still check on her to make sure she’s ok

You can get pillows for toddlers they have the air holes in them like the cot mattresses

I did when I felt my child was ready to have a pillow. Not one child is the same and some move more than others and when I seen they could nap on my pillow without an issue they got their own

Once my daughter was out of a crib, she got a pillow

My son slept on a pillow since birth, because he slept with me and on my pillow. My daughter got a pillow when she was 1

My daughter just turned 1 she sleeps fine without one currently but maybe by 18 months or 2 years. A little toddler pillow

After they moved out of the crib, at 15 months old.

Mine is 2 and has used a pillow since he was 18 months. He doesn’t sleep well without one because he has severe reflux. I used to just incline his mattress. Till he started moving around too much for that to help. Lol

Both of my son’s have had pillows since birth

At the age of 1 I would only give them the baby size pillow one that isn’t big enough for them to smother under

Mine all 3 started sleeping on pillows when they moved into toddler beds…about 3-4 year old.


Both of mine were about two when they moved to the toddler bed

my kid is 13 and doens’t use pillow yet.

My 5 older kids started using a pillow at 1. But my 11 month old has been using a pillow since she was 3 weeks.

When they went into toddler bed about 3YO

When they asked for it.