Were your pregnancies the same?

Anyone go through two pregnancies that were polar opposite and still had the same gender baby? My first pregnancy was so easy with my son. I enjoyed every minute of it honestly. I couldn’t wait to be pregnant again! This pregnancy I have more food aversions than foods I can eat and I’m constantly nauseous.


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Same gender two totally different pregnancies

My boys were easier then my girls. I had nausea with both genders. However my girls had me in the hospital more frequently.

Literally going thru it right now lol. Pregnant with my second boy and it’s sooooo different from last pregnancy!!

My first two pregnancies were almost identical, both girls. This pregnancy (18 weeks today!) Is completely different from my first two pregnancies and it’s a girl too… :woman_shrugging:

Me! I was sick with both, but way sicker with my 2nd. Also had alot more pain in different parts of my body with my 2nd… I was sure #2 was a girl and was floored when they said another boy

Yes i think its pretty common

My son was easy…. No morning sickness loved being pregnant. My daughter complete opposite

My boy was easier food wise. He just got so big I was uncomfortable most the pregnancy.

All 4 of mine were completely different. The first 3 we’re boys and my last was a girl and each one was completely different

Yep. First two boys but that didn’t stop me to try for a girl or two. Well we got one girl then another boy so now 3 boys and 1 girl. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

All 4 of mines were totally different, no 2 the same. I found the pregnancies with my girls worse than the boys. I had really bad sickness and pelvic pain with my girls, but the boys pregnancies were a breeze, no problems at all

Each childbirth changes your body and the way it reacts.

3 different pregnancies. All 3 boys.

Yup. I have 2 girls and my pregnancy with her was an absolute breeze. With my youngest, i was absolutely miserable and

I have all boys and everyone was different

Mine were different genders same pregnancy.

Yep. First two pregnancies were a breeze. Super easy. This pregnancy has been a living nightmare. Couldn’t eat or drink. Felt like I was dying 24/7. And all three of them were boys.

Different genders nearly identical pregnancies

All 4 girls all different pregnancies. (Except baby 2 in 2011 and baby 3 in 2019 had the same single artery umbilical cord which is odd as they have different dads and had bleeding in the beginning of pregnancies 3 and 4 that was about it for being the same)

No morning sickness with all 3 girls my youngest one I was small in belly looked a basketball in my shirt. Food cravings definitely different

Every pregnancy is different from the last one. I was great with my oldest son no problems or nausea, my youngest son i was sick all the time throughout almost the entire pregnancy, and with my daughter I was fine with a little nausea in the beginning but she had me in preterm labor at 33 weeks until I delivered at 37 or 38 weeks and then after she was born I was in and out of the hospital the first month of her birth because I kept being told nothing was wrong with my gallbladder and come to find out my gallbladder nearly burst.

My first 2 were fairly similar but my third was so different I could have sworn it was a girl. All 3 were boys lol

I will say my second pregnancy (currently almost 37 weeks) has been the worst… I’m less hormonal but I’m incredibly sore, tired and still can’t eat foods I used to love even though my sickness ended long ago lol.

I am having a boy and with my first she was a girl and I was way crazier with crying and emotions but everything else seemed easier.

All 4 were different and I had all boys

Yup my first pregnancy with my daughter was so smooth then the second pregnancy with my second daughter was horrible. I will never have another baby again lol

Mine were different genders and polar opposite pregnancies :joy:

Nooo completely different lol with my oldest (1st pregnancy) was breezyyy got pregnant with son and boyyy it was the worse lol dealt with HG & High blood pressure :woozy_face:

My 1st & my 3rd were alike and opposite gender.

Mine were completely opposite. I found thst the rainbow light brand prenatals helped and not letting my self get too hungry.

My 1st was ok, 2nd was horrible, 3rd was good, 4th was great after 12 weeks. The 5th, our only boy was so easy I didnt know I was pregnant until 20 weeks. He was easiest. My 2nd was so bad, I was so sick.

I have 2 girls and 2 boys.
All pregnancies were different but my 2 boys were 100% opposite

Morning sickness with first, nothing with second.
Premature delivery with first, full term with second.
Heartburn, nausea and itchy skin with first, none of that with second

I’ve had a lot of different pregnancies. Some were SUPER easy others were hell. I’m pregnant with #8 and she has not been too bad. Hoping birth is easy. Last few births were very rough. (Had 3 boys then a girl, then 3 more boys, now another girl)

Nope both my girls I had food aversions couldn’t eat meats or anything fried craved sweets only gained 14 and 9 lbs. my boy I wanted chips steaks burgers all savory foods no aversions and Gained 35 lbs :sweat_smile:

Girl easy
Boy awful

Yes! My oldest I had HG. It was horrible, iv 24/7, hospitalized 6x, lost 27lbs, had to do the diabetes test 3x because i couldn’t keep that drink crap down, maternity disability from 7 weeks. Had a girl. My 2nd, no morning sickness, i had no medical issues. Had a girl. My 3rd HG, gestational diabetes, on maternity disability at 15week. Had a boy.

Yup. Both my boys.
One , I never got sick.
The other, I threw up every day for 5 months.

1st was flawless, 2nd was okay not too bad it was just hot she is a September baby and the 3rd I stayed sick for a long time and she wanted to stay forever.

I had 3 wonderful pregnancy not 1 morning sickness with any of the three…so blessed

Yep both mine were completely opposite but same gender, 2 boys!

All 3 pregnancies were different. My first was a girl and was difficult. My second was a boy and was such an easy pregnancy and my 3rd was also a boy and was by far my most difficult pregnancy.

Every pregnancy is different no matter if the baby is a boy or a girl.

Carried 1high, 1low. Heartburn with both, heart rates very different, sick with 1st one

Yep I have 2 boys. First pregnancy was a breeze , no symptoms and barely had a belly . 2nd baby - every symptom under the sun and miserable the entire time with a giant belly . I swore baby #2 was gunna be a girl bc such a difference in pregnancies but NOPE. Lol

I’m pregnant with my 2nd. It’s very different from my first. My 1st was a girl and I literally felt like crap. I was throwing up everything and I felt like I was gonna die.
This one I hardly have any morning sickness… just food aversions.
This one is very easy so far… but I don’t know the gender yet. :joy:

Every pregnancy is different

I’ve had 3 pregnancies. I’ve been nauseous with all 3 (they’re all boys) but my first and 3rd were the easier ones where my second I was so sick I had to take zofran just so I could function. My 3rd pregnancy was so different I was convinced it was a girl but nope. Another boy.

I had two pregnancies the EXACT same and had one of each gender.

Nope…felt great with the first one (a girl) other than some indigestion…second one 5 years later (a boy) was ok at first but I just carried him differently and felt massive towards the end. Lots of swelling in the legs and feet and sciatic nerve pain with him.

Symptoms have nothing to do with gender. Every pregnancy is different even for the same woman.

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Yes. First was terrible, sick all the time. Second, sick in the beginning and at the very end. Third and fourth were a breeze

Yup. My 2nd girl was so hard on me…she’s still stubborn AF (gets it from her dad🤣).my 1st was what you’d expect from pregnancy. I was nauseous 1 morning with her. That’s it…2nd I had morning sickness 24/7 for 6 months. Couldn’t eat meat. I’m so happy I’ll never be pregnant again!

First pregnancy was super easy (girl), second pregnancy was definitely much harder (still a girl), third pregnancy has been sooooo bad every step of the way (constant severe nausea until 25+ weeks, severe heartburn starting at ~30 weeks, painful movements, failed my first glucose test, etc) and it is a boy this time. 1 & 2 we’re definitely different pregnancies though, so I can’t really blame gender for everything

Pregnancy with my first son was super “easy” other than the normal pains that come towards the end. Now pregnant with another boy and the first trimester was awful. I was nauseous and had a ton of aversions. Once in the second trimester though it was much easier and just like my first. Now about to hit my 3rd trimester and the aches and pains are starting :weary:

My first was so easy. No morning sickness, no tender breasts, nothing. It was a girl. My second was a different story. I was sick almost the whole pregnancy, breasts hurt, I could barely eat anything. I was convinced it was a boy, but I was wrong. Another girl.

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No. All my pregnancies were different, different symptoms each time too. All carried different too. I had a girl, girl and a boy.

None of them were the same, in terms of anything.

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I’ve had 6 kids, 3 girls and 3 boys, EVERY pregnancy was different

Symptoms have nothing to do with gender I’m pregnant with baby number 6 & every pregnancy has been different.

With my girls, pregnancy was so much easier.
With my boys though. Holy shizz nits it was so bad. The symptoms were horrible

My first pregnancy was a boy & it was so easy! My second was a girl & I was sick here & there & craved sweets.

Nope- awful morning sickness with my (3) boys, none at all with my (2) girls.

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Each and everyone of my pregnancies were different. I have five children. All grown now but you don’t forget

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Every pregnancy was different yet I had 3 girls

I only have one child, but I’ve never been told by any other mother that they had 2 identical pregnancies. My mom had 6 of us, none were the same.

Almost every pregnancy is different.

Yes!! First was easy and wonderful, second I was sick and in and out of the hospital non-stop. Both were girls.

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All three of my boys were different

No. The first time I didn’t have morning sickness. I was ok. The second time, I was sick for three months. I lost 20 pounds. If I lost any more, the doctor was going to put me in the hospital. But he gave me a medication for the morning sickness. I started eating saltine crackers before getting up in the morning. I stopped getting sick. I didn’t gain as much weight with my second pregnancy. Also, my first labor lasted 26 hours. My second lasted 12 hours.

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I had 3 boys, 3 completely different pregnancies. They weren’t bad at all. Some morning sickness, one not

3 completely different pregnancy for each daughter

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Every pregnancy was different and I have 1 girl and 2 boys the first boy I was sick for the first 3 months, my second boy I didn’t really have any morning sickness I had some afternoon sickness once in awhile and thats how I ended up finding out I was pregnant with him.

I had pretty much the same pregnancy symptoms for both
(had a girl then a boy)

First was horrific collapsing couldn’t keep anything down including fluid second was a breeze was both boys💙

Polar opposites and I have boy and girl

sounds like you are having a girl

Nope not all were the same this last one was a doozy having blood pressure issues

Only thing the same for me was feeling like I was on the verge of dying, pregnancy takes a toll on my body every time, but all worth it

Me! My first son was textbook, amazing pregnancy no sickness, it was great, had a daughter next and then my second son was awful, was sick all the time, I’ve never felt worse, they couldn’t have been more opposite