Wedding checklist?

Simple wedding checklist?

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Show up
I do
Dance the night away


Don’t give anyone details other than date, time and location.

Even family.

Trust me.

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Venue and dj and photographer. Gifts. Dress. Shoes. Accessories for bride.


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To be wife, to be husband, officiant. Done.


Dress, rent a tux, cake and a place. We did our whole wedding/reception for about $270 and I got a super nice dress for $70 from someone on Craigslist.


officiant, marriage license, significant other


Bride. Groom
Marriage license. Officiant. Lol

Went to the courthouse. No regrets

Might I add to all of these lists to breath! Don’t rush! Do what YOU want! Don’t let the stress get to you!

A license, a set of rings, a Jp, a date, 1 witness, and in comfort of your home. Thats how my husband and I got married 12/31/17

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Don’t :joy::+1:t2:Then when you want to leave after you get tired of them you can :joy:

Go to Reno or Las Vegas? Make it simple, as MaryAnn said. Mine was a church wedding and in those days the bride’s family paid. Mom made my outfit, I bought the fabric and pattern. We kept the costs down. But in reality a church wedding doesn’t make your oaths to each other any different than a JP.