Unique baby girl names?

Jolie Claire
Cheyenne Rinae (renee)

Nahootsoii is my daughters name

I like the name Avery LaRae. I can’t have anymore babies so I’ll pass it along and hope someone loves it as much as I do

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Zephora…My daughter Drema…my grandbaby Kinsley

Daia lol my name is very unique

Emberleigh, Mateja (ma-tA-a)

Rane or maybe spelled Reign

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My name is unique. Arkin (ar-kin). Middle name Linnea

Madelynn is my daughters name.

I LOVE Greysie for a girl!!! I currently have a Charlei (pronounced like Charlie) and a Hazel.

Emery Ella, Raelen paige

Genevieve and Danika are my two baby girls names.

My granddaughters name is Ryliee

My daughters name is Mahaley (muh- hay-lee)

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Landrie Shae…my gorgeous niece!!

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Freedom Rayne or Liberty raein

My name is Jeanna pronounced as Gina. My parents named us all with J’s

Autumn, river, tenley, Arabella,

Shai as in (shy) and briella

Adaira. My daughters name.

Ava and/or Evee if I ever had another girl

I have a Kimi and a Adrianna. Kimis name was gona ne Medow or Ryne

I have 3 girls names are Payson Scottlyn, Phoebe Jennibelle Louise, Pandora Lori Linn.

My baby girl will be named Yensi Rangsei :heart:

codetta. ilean brayleigh
kayleigh Yvonne. eyvonne my husband made up codetta when my daughter was born I have never heard that name befor or since

Mines are Chloe and Ember and If I had another girl Clara from the nutcracker

My daughters name is Xaviera

My daughter is Kynleigh (said Kin-lee), we get a lot of compliments :slight_smile:
I also like Paisleigh, Kynseigh (said Kin-zee)

My daughters name is Giuliana…pronounced Juli-on-ah.

My daughter is Marleigh

My daughters name is Sage Ann Marie. You can also spell Sage as Saige

My lo is Katalina don’t hear it often especially with a K her Nick name is Kit Kat


Jewel (Juul)

My daughters name is Emmalie Jayde. Like Emily a Classic but spelled differently. She goes by Emmy lol.


I have a little one named Kharma.

Cazna, Demelza, Alice, Monica.

Jalesia, pronounced ja-lee-see-a Makenzie :grin: it’s my youngest daughters name :revolving_hearts:


Paisleigh Sueann…that’s my daughters name


Starri stormi both my twin daughters names

We were thinking about Saphira for our baby girl. But didn’t settle with it.

Kenna Kenndyll Kendyll, Kynlee, Kinsley, Kinslee,

I’ve been looking at Remi like Remington guns or if my son was a girl I was going to use Jett

Justine , Unique , Andrea , Gianna , Giavanna

What about Karen but spelt either karon or Karan or Karin

Bristol is a beautiful name.

Amaria, Aaliyah, Brenna,Breelynn, Cora, Delilah, Emmersyn, Fayth, Gwen, Hadley, Jossilynn, Jacklynn, Kanali Kenalli, Lydia, Libby, Luna, MaKaylnn, Natalee, Octavia, Payton, Parker, Quynn, Rayna, Reece, Samara, Savannah, Tatum, Teagan, Vivian, Zoey

We have a Cheyenne Madison n Kaleigh. Also a Adrienne. Nicole Sirena is pretty.

Liá Nichelle Leanne janae
Nykia Rochelle

Ainsley, Emery, Sawyer

Nevaeh (Heaven backwards)
Breseis (from Troy)

Charleigh, Leah, Dionne, Rhona, Rylyn, McKinley, Breslin

Calypso Dream and October Moon (my youngest two daughters names and I love them) I also have a Lilly Rose

Oakley, Oaklee, Shayla, Kirsten, Brynne

I have Caylyn and Callie

I have an Izzabella Rosalie and Lilyana Nevaeh… if I have another daughter I want to name her Harlie Raelynn

My name is Sharon, never met another one

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Aviana. Loved this name. But then I had a boy instead.


I have a Gianna. Also liked Jersi, Giselle, and Jazlyn

I like Brielle. I’ve only known one and I always wanted an Eden Harper.

Jaylenne…Janaisy :woman_shrugging:

You gonna have a BABY Girl. ?

Well.my name is Lill. Never met another maybe I can make it a thing :joy:

I have a Moriah Renee :heart: Almost a Lynndzee


Margia pronounced MarZhia

My daughter’s name is Kenna Natalia :slight_smile:

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My first daughters name is Macie Lynne and I’m prego with baby 3 who’s a little girl and we are thinking brinley mae … best of luck!

My daughter is Alysana Layne (Ali-sane-ah). Although I’m done, if I were to somehow have another girl I’d name her Kierina Jayde (Keer-ree-nah)

I have a Gabriella Paige and if I have another :crossed_fingers:her name will be Josie Lynn

shelbee, everest, dakota

I like Meadow Maire or Remy Lynn

Charlotte, Persephone, Avaleen, Arwen, Mavie Rose, Lydia Mae,


I have a Gabriella Elise.

My name is Leasa (Lisa)

Bethany, Kjersten, Svea, Belinda, Melinda, Lydia, Eliza, Sofia, Talitha, Zara, Victoria

Zaina , Everlee ,Ambriah


Annabeth Marie or Sierra Cheyenne

I like neveah that’s heaven spelled backwards

And for a boy Malachi it’s in the bible

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You can mix some up. I have kerlissa for my daughter. Its kerrie and melissa mixed ( my sisters)

Dagny, Bryn, Zaina, Sahar, Clytemnestra, Pasha, Olga, Aya, Dina/Deena, Esme, Elvira, Latifah, Mirtha, Natasha, Nejla, Pia, Raisa, Salma, Tahira, Tatiana, Taya, Zola, Nadia, Lenya, Oksana, Beatrix, Celine, Colette, Mireille, Damaris, Felicity, Frida/Freida, Fabiola, Dominique, Lada, Kisa, Gidget, Heloise, Kelby, Lorica, Daralis, Dulcina, Eglantine, Liv, Lorelei, Myra, Nerida, Odette, Odile, Rhiannon/Rhyannon, Sigourney, Suzette, Tana, Ophelia, Iphigenia, Agatha, Agnetha, Andromeda, Apollonia, Aretha, Ariadne

Met a little girl at Park name Taya

Katlina , Umlan, Tiscali. All very un common names.

My name is Lyra. It used 2 b quite unique until it was in a movie, not even in the baby book of names until that movie. It’s a constellation of stars

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Well my DIL likes
Eloise Jean…and as a Mom-mom I plan to call her Elli-Jean.:grin:

Evelina is one I like. Had a friend that name

La-a (pronounced Ladasha)

I’m thinking about naming my girl Accalia ah-kal-ee-yah if it’s a girl lol

We took 2 names we really likes and put them together
Evelyn and Ava became Avalynn
Loved the name ella baby was born in November became Novella

Makenna,Miami, Estelle