Tubes tied after giving birth?

I think i am going to have ny tubes tied right after i give birth…what is the process like? does it take longer to heal?


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Is this even allowed I thought they only do it while doing c section ?

It felt the exact same for me! I got mine tied after my 3rd and the only difference was a little sore on my stomach area but nothing major at all. Only lasted 2 days then it was regular post partum pain

Ask for removal if you’re sure. It’s being proven to be more beneficial in the long run.


I was cooking and doing everything I normally do the same day, I didn’t have a choice though. Recovery isn’t as bad as giving birth but you do cramp pretty badly.

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It hurt like heck in my experience but I don’t regret it and I wouldn’t say it took longer to heal it was just a more painful process.

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Nope. It was very easy

I had my tubes tied after my 3rd. They tied them 24 hours after I gave birth. I had vaginal deliveries with all 3 of them. The pain was in my opinion very severe for the first week. Then it was very manageable after that. If I had to choose to do it again. I would. So it’s not that bad.

I got mine removed while in my 3rd c-section. Recovery was no different, nothing changed for me. Some people have mixed feelings about doing it because they say it gave them heavier and more painful periods but that hasn’t been the case with me. I get my period faithfully every month and it’s normal. Best decision I ever made

Do it while you’re already there. One recovery.

I’d never do it again. My periods are 10x worse than they’ve ever been.


Either way your going to be sore so you might as well go for it. I had my son late at night and went into surgery as soon as the doctor arrived.

I had mine done while I was cut open from having a csection. I am not displeased with my choice. And I don’t think it affected my recovery after because it was my easiest one out of 4.

I got mine removed during my csection

I didn’t get mine right after birth but it was awful. The gas pains in your stomach are the worst ever. My chest hurt and it hurt to walk and switch sides in the bed from them. I think that was the only painful part about it. Just be prepared because I was not expecting that much pain from the gas they use to blow up your stomach.

Well, my period became longer and cramps were worse after I had tubal ligation.


Right after birth is best

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Over in five minutes and home the same day :roll_eyes:

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I got mine tied during my c-section

some docs now will only remove the tubes vs tied. I had mine during my csection, went fine tho my periods were much heavier so now on a bc to regulate the bleeding

I had to have my right tube and ovary removed due to a cyst. They had to do a C section cut. No baby/birth. First week is terrible with pain and moving. Don’t push yourself too much.

Easy peasy… non invasive these days. Is this the US? Because I’m Canadian and I did not experience hardly any of this. Sure there’s 2 tiny incisions…, and there is heal time… but I had none of the gas and pain. I did sleep straight through the day I got it done… but that’s the anaesthesia talking.

Remove them. Cancer risks go down

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Had mine removed. Pain was just uncomfortable cramping. Periods actually less days now. 3 little incisions. Honestly it wasn’t bad at all.

Had my done 33 years ago and no problem at all.

I wish I didn’t. I got more girl problems now then before I had them tied. Now I actually have a IUD just to control my periods because they’re so heavy it made my iron levels drop.

They won’t let you make that decision while you’re pregnant where I’m from…

I had mine done the day after I had my baby. My stomach was sore for about 2 weeks, be sure to take your pain meds around the clock. That will be the only thing to help you through it.

No it doesn’t take longer to heal at all.

I got mine done. No issues…however DO NOT do the bellybutton procedure. Ex sister n law had it done after giving birth naturally and her life is ruined pretty much. She was in so much pain for months after and her periods have her bed ridden. I’ve seen her in that pain…I don’t wish it on anyone and idc for her either.

i had mine done 25 years ago, i also had 18 stitches from mine, i felt pretty good in about 4 days but wasnt able to lift anything for 6 weeks, my monthly was very painful after having it done some days i stayed in bed and took codiene then 9 months later i had a hysterectomy because i had a big ass fibroid

I got mine done when my youngest was 3. I would think it would be better to get it done while you’re already recovering. Mine took forever to heal though. Had a hole in my belly button for a few months before it closed up all the way. I’ve had no issues sense. Had a few heavy periods but that’s it. They say it can happen though. Your periods can get worse and you’ll need birth control to even them out. I only had one tube though so not sure if having two males things different. They still checked that other tube that burst of mine to make sure it was still cut.

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I had my tubes removed during my c-section so the pain mixed in with the healing of that. But since then I get a really bad migraine the day before I get my period. Sometimes my period last a week sometimes they last 3 days. And it’s horrid the entire time. Didn’t have issues like this till tubes were removed. It’s obviously not like that for everyone but just be aware there is that risk.

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Same as you would a Normal C-section
I had my tubal my last one n was same recovery time n felt same no extra pain it nothing

I want mine tied after this one :woman_facepalming:t4:

They wouldn’t do mine right away. I was told if I wasn’t getting a c section then I’d have to wait 6 weeks before they’d do it. I haven’t gotten it done yet lol honestly, I’ve heard periods are worse after and you’re at higher risk for ectopic pregnancy so I changed my mind on it. I know I’m done though so I’ll likely get back on depo lol

I had mine done along with my c section. Was home 4 days later with newborn twins and a 5 year old on my own. No issues. Just use your head. No heavy lifting or strenuous activity for a while til you are feeling good

Had mine tied immediately after birth. It was painful to me. But minor surgery

I was out of commission for 2 weeks. Like I didn’t even want people looking in my direction lol. But that was 13 years ago

I had mine through the belly button and so far I haven’t had any issues. Took a little bit longer to heal but only by a week or two. I haven’t had my period yet so can’t say if it’s worse than before but I’m breastfeeding so I won’t have to worry about that for awhile longer whoo hoo.

I had mine done after birth and had no issues

Had mine done during a csection. No one told me I would now be able to feel when I’m trying to ovulate, or that my periods would not only become longer, but also sooo much heavier. My twins will be 8 in December, and I am not back on birth control to help reduce the issues with my period.

Good luck. I told my dr I wanted mine tied while I was pregnant with my third…… he’s gonna be 4… tubes still aren’t tied :upside_down_face:

I had my tubes removed to avoid post tubal ligation syndrome. 5 minutes added to my c-section, no issues, same healing time. Good luck :smiley:

I regret mine…i healed fast but developed periods from hell

I regret getting mine done. Has done nothing but screw with my period

I had mine done with my last c-section. The healing was no different.
However please do research on post tubal ligation syndrome.
Obviously not everyone gets this but for me the serve pelvic pain, and joint pain are incredible. Also my periods are so heavy I have to wear depends and I soak through them and they last 10-14 days with some GOD AWFUL cramps.

Like i said this does not happen to everyone, but I wish someone would have told me all this before I did it.

I’m now having a hysterectomy in October because the side effects are so bad.

I had mine done with my c section, honestly I didn’t know the difference in pain from one to the other. But now my periods are slightly more intense, just the cramps mainly. And the whole thing lasts only 3 to 5 days at most. Day 2 is always the worst of it. It was definitely worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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I had mine tied after 10 months. ( if I remember right😁) pain wasnt bad at all. After one day it was Ok. Eveything has been good after, 3 years later. Procure made in Finland.

My periods are horrible since having mine. I’m actually taking birth control to balance hormones now.

I had mine done right after it was fine